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The New Best Blitz Built-In Madden 24 Season 5

Mar-28-2024 PST Madden 24

Madden 24 is the official Football game of the NFL. You can show your football skills to the world in here. A new season is here in Madden 24 and the whole football community is already on their feet to enjoy this season. This season will be a little different as you have to try new practices to win matches. A perfect balance of offense and defense is required in Season 5. The offense is easy but getting the defense right is hard. Therefore, Blitz is a great option that comes in handy in getting the defense right. It isn’t about having the best attack because you won’t have possession of the ball all the time. Here are The New Best Blitz Built-In Madden 24 Season 5 that you can try.

The New Best Blitz Built-In Madden 24 Season 5

What is Blitz in Madden 24?

Before finding out the Best Blitz for Season 5, it is important to learn what Blitz is and why it is so important. In general, Blitz is a defensive tactic in Madden 24 where five or more players from your team will rush on the other team during a single down. Blitz is very important as it can disrupt all the attacking plans of the other team. Blitz also works well especially when the other team is using a five-man pass rush and the coverage of the intricate zone.

Normally, three or four rushers are used but five rushers are used during Blitz. In Madden 24, Blitz is a rare defensive play because it enables the defensive team to block the attack of the other team and launch their attack at the same time. You can bring linebackers to the game to catch the other team off guard. Non-pass-rushing defenders can help a lot in Blitz by guarding the quarterback.

Best Blitz Built-In Madden 24 Season 5

Several blitz plays are available for Season 5 in Madden 24. You can make big plays using Blitz and attack the lineman of the other team. Without understanding that each blitz is different, you won’t be able to get the most out of them. You have to use the right blitz according to your goals. For example, if the other team is going for a pass play and uses a run blitz in this situation, the wide receiver will find a wide opening and can easily complete the play. After recent updates, the blitz system is also updated a lot. You now have to look for the right formation and find out whether it's in man coverage or zone. Here are the best Blitz for Season 5.

1.Zone Blitz

If you read the forty-six-defensive playbook, you'll find a blitz called the Zone Blitz. It is a great defensive tactic. In this blitz, five players will rush at the quarterback of the other team. The middle linebacker will be added to the rusher. It also redirects a pass that makes players rush into pass coverage. The rest of the secondary will be in the zone coverage.

2.CB Zone Blitz

If you check out the Nickel wide formation, you'll find that it contains a special play. This special play is called the CB Zone Blitz. It is a defensive playbook for Season five. In this blitz linebackers and all the other secondary members of the team will cover the void. The left cornerback will be brought past the offensive line. The defender will vacate the area of the field but the opposing team won’t be able to take advantage of that area. This is because you will use corners with good speed here. They can quickly get to the quarterback and tackle him down.

3.DBL Safety Blitz

If you’re looking for man coverage, the DBL Safety Blitz is a pretty good option. You can find this blitz in the playbooks of the New England Patriots. It is more like a dime formation. This blitz kicks in when the wide receiver breaks outside because you can throw the route at that time. You need cornerbacks with good man coverage to get this blitz right. In this blitz, cornerbacks are alone. Safeties won’t back the cornerbacks, they will rush the end of the line instead. You need to put edge rushers and linemen on hold and wait. While the remaining team will force the quarterback to the place where the linemen and rushers are waiting.

4.3-4-man blitz Storm Brave 1

You can find this 3-4-man blitz Storm Brave 1 in the playbook of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is also a solid blitz that will put one edge in man coverage and leave three defense backs. The safety will be put in the zone. The remaining team will be tasked to rush the passer. The backfield will be guarded by many lanes of defense leaving the offensive team with a few options.

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