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The TOTS Plus Dusan Tadic Objectives in EA Sports FC 24

May-13-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports FC 24's Team of the Season festivities bring forth the TOTS Plus Dusan Tadic Challenge, offering a guaranteed TOTS card through completing straightforward objectives. Although pack odds might not be the most generous during this celebration, the allure of a free TOTS card is undeniable. Let's delve into the intricacies of this challenge and how you can swiftly conquer it.

The TOTS Plus Dusan Tadic Objectives in EA Sports FC 24

1. Understanding the Objectives

Dusan Tadic's objectives echo those of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, focusing on players from smaller leagues. This challenge expires at reset time on May 15, 2024. Here are the objectives you need to tackle:

Scoring Finesse: Score five goals using a Finesse Shot.

Trendyol Super Lig Debut: Play nine matches with a minimum of three Trendyol Super Lig players in your starting 11.

Assisting Maestro: Assist six goals.

Serbian Success: Win six matches with a minimum of two players from Serbia in your starting 11.

You can complete these objectives on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty in Squad Battles or online in Rivals or Champions mode.

2. Building Your Squad

Crafting a squad to meet these objectives is crucial. Start with Dusan Tadic's gold card to fulfill the Serbian and Trendyol Super Lig player requirements. Here's a list of additional Serbian players from the Trendyol Super Lig you can consider:

Dusan Tadic (Fenerbahce)

Armin Derlek (Sivasspor)

Nikola Maksimovic (Hatayspor)

Uros Radakovic (MKE Ankaragucu)

Marko Jevtovic (Gaziantep)

Danijel Aleksic (Basaksehir)

Adem Ljajic (Karagumruk SK)

Remember, if you lack options from the given list, you can use other Serbians like Nemanja Vidic to fulfill the requirement. Utilize substitutes strategically; they don't need to contribute to scoring. Remember to get FC 24 Coins from MMOexp to get the characters you want to build your ideal team.

3. Executing the Objectives

With your team set, focus on three primary goals:

Score five goals using a Finesse Shot.

Assist six goals.

Win six matches with your Serbian and Trendyol Super Lig players starting.

Once you've met the team requirements, you can focus solely on achieving these objectives across nine matches.

4. Rewards

Upon completing the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a 90-rated TOTS Plus Dusan Tadic card. With exceptional attributes and synergistic PlayStyles Plus, Tadic becomes a valuable addition to any squad. Additionally, completing each objective grants you packs with players ranging from 75+ to 81+ ratings, offering potential fodder for future endeavors.


The TOTS Plus Dusan Tadic Challenge presents an opportunity to acquire a high-quality TOTS card through manageable objectives. By strategically building your squad and focusing on the task at hand, you can swiftly claim your rewards and bolster your team. Embrace the challenge, navigate the objectives, and emerge victorious in the realm of EA Sports FC 24.

MMOexp FC 24 Team