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Throne and Liberty Tank Build: Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses

Apr-25-2024 PST Throne and Liberty

Embarking on the journey of a tank in Throne and Liberty demands a strategic choice of weapons, and for this build, the Sword and Shield serve as the main weapon, complemented by the Greatsword as the offhand weapon. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the tanking character in Throne and Liberty, we present two lists that outline the strengths and weaknesses of the Throne and Liberty tank build.

Throne and Liberty Tank Build: Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses

Pros of the Tank Build

1, The Only True Tank in the Game

Opting for the combination of Sword and Shield as the main weapon and Greatsword as the offhand transforms you into a bona fide tank with no compromises. This means you will find yourself in the midst of battle regardless of whether you're engaged in PvE or PvP activities.

2, Exceptional Survivability

This build offers the highest amount of health and various mechanisms to preserve it when facing damage. In comparison to other classes and their weapons, you appear formidable, making you a resilient force on the battlefield.

3, Effective Crowd Control

The tank build excels in drawing aggro, redirecting enemy attacks towards you instead of your allies. This capability extends even to solo play, where drawing aggro brings additional bonuses to your attack and protection, enhancing your overall effectiveness.

Cons of the Tank Build

1, Limited Damage Output

While you can successfully draw aggro from a pack of mobs, dealing with them solo poses a challenge. The emphasis on survival rather than maximizing damage output makes solo leveling less straightforward and enjoyable compared to damage-focused builds.

2, Requires Skill

Unlike the straightforward approach of DPS builds, tanking demands careful management of aggro and consideration of the number of enemies pulled. The game can be unforgiving to those who lack precision, and the responsibility is significant, as the group's survival hinges on the tank's performance.

3, Low Mobility

If you favor agile builds capable of swift maneuvers around enemies, the tank build may not align with your preferences. Tanks hold their ground in one spot, lacking the dynamic gameplay experienced by other builds. Awareness of this reduced mobility is crucial for those adopting the tank role.

In conclusion, the Throne and Liberty Tank Build offers a robust and resilient playstyle with unparalleled survivability and crowd control capabilities. However, prospective tank players must be mindful of the trade-offs, including limited damage output, the need for skillful gameplay, and a slower-paced, less mobile experience. Choosing this build requires a commitment to the role of a steadfast protector on the battlefield, ready to face challenges head-on. If you like tank roles, buy Throne and Liberty Lucent from mmoexp.com, build your best tank and protect your teammates.

MMOexp Throne and Liberty Team