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Throne and Liberty: Top 10 Tips for New Players

Jun-22-2024 PST Throne and Liberty

Welcome, everyone! Mimik here with another Throne and Liberty beginner guide. Today, I'll be sharing the top 10 tips for newcomers to help you get the most out of your gameplay experience. If you find this guide helpful, please smash that like button and hit the subscribe button for more golden nuggets coming your way. In the meantime, players can buy Throne and Liberty Lucent at MMOexp. Let's dive right in!

Throne and Liberty: Top 10 Tips for New Players

1. Join a Guild

Joining a guild is crucial in Throne and Liberty. The game is heavily designed around guild play, and you'll benefit significantly from being part of one. Guilds offer daily rewards, skills that boost your XP, gold, and other bonuses like increased boss damage. Being in a guild also means having a community to share experiences, participate in PvP, PvE raids, and more. Trust me, you'll enjoy the game much more with a guild.

2. Complete Your Contracts

Contracts are essentially your dailies. Each day, you get 10 contracts that provide valuable growth stones used to strengthen your armors, weapons, and accessories. Completing these daily contracts will expedite your character's growth. Focus on the specific contracts that align with your immediate goals, like weapon contracts if you're looking to level up your weapon quickly.

3. Buy Growth Stones Daily

Every day, you can buy growth stones from vendors using contract coins earned from completing contracts. These stones are essential for upgrading your gear. Make it a habit to purchase and stack these stones daily, as they will be invaluable when you need to level your gear later on.

4. Prioritize Weapon Upgrades

Focus on upgrading your weapon to level 9 (blue) first. A high-level weapon will make you more effective in both PvE and PvP. Players and groups will often check your weapon level before allowing you to join certain activities, so having a maxed-out weapon will ensure you meet these requirements and perform better in battles.

5. Don’t Stress About Gear Early On

While leveling up, don't worry too much about your gear. You’ll naturally acquire gear from dungeons and other in-game activities. Focus on progressing through the game, completing your dailies, and participating in dungeons where you can obtain valuable gear pieces. The game is designed to reward persistence, so gear will come in time.

6. Keep Your Marins

Avoid selling your marins (currency used for skill upgrades) early in the game. It might be tempting to sell them for quick profit, but you'll need them to level up your skills, which is more beneficial in the long run. Stockpile your blue and green marins to enhance your skills effectively.

7. Participate in Events

Always participate in in-game events. Events are a great source of valuable rewards like purple and blue marins, which are essential for progression. These rewards will accelerate your character's development, so make sure to engage with events whenever they are available.

8. Don’t Rush to Upgrade to Purple Items

Avoid upgrading to purple items too early. Upgrading to purple locks you into that item, and transferring XP between purples is costly. Additionally, adding traits to purple items is much more expensive than to blue ones. Wait until you have a best-in-slot purple item before upgrading.

9. Maximize Skill Upgrades to Purple

Focus on getting your skills to purple as quickly as possible. Purple skills significantly enhance your performance in combat. Use your marins to craft skill books necessary for these upgrades. Efficiently upgrading your skills will make a noticeable difference in your damage output and overall gameplay experience.

10. Have Fun

Lastly, remember to have fun. Throne and Liberty is a game designed for enjoyment. Whether you're grinding for items, engaging in PvP battles, or exploring the game's vast content, the goal is to have fun. Enjoy the moments of achievement and camaraderie with your guildmates, and don't let the grind get you down.

That wraps up my top 10 tips for beginners in Throne and Liberty. I hope these tips help you avoid some common pitfalls and enhance your gameplay experience. If you found this guide helpful, please like the video, subscribe for more content, and leave a comment with any additional tips or questions. Stay tuned for more in-depth guides coming soon!

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MMOexp Throne and Liberty Team