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Jan-06-2024 PST news

U7BUY is a scam and will get your EA FC account permanently banned. This website is running EA FC 24 coins selling and buying service. But according to people's feedback, U7BUY is always selling botted coins which EA takes very seriously and will ban you without warning. These are not naturally made coins made in the game but used by scripts and bots to make these coins.

When people got banned after using their service, they never have any compensation, the people whose accounts got banned were pissed off.


And also, some people who sold coins to them but never received real money. A lot of people told us how they got scammed on U7BUY. As we know that U7BUY spends huge funds in social creators advertising their website, so there is no doubt that many guys would trust them. As soon as they got scammed then they would not use U7BUY at all.


Here are some examples of more people who got banned or scammed on U7BUY!


Probably some people may ask how reliable MMOEXP is?


MMOEXP is being endorsed by many popular Youtube creators such as MattHDGamer, Itshaber, Ariian, Clausinho, doggofut, R2S_fifa, JambooFIFA, DavzSkill, OZiLLA FC etc. And MMOEXP have worked with them for years. They choose to advertise MMOEXP not only because of payments but also because of MMOEXP’s great reputation. 24/7 Nice service all around the year, Safe and Fast delivery.


MMOEXP is a website who always know how to thank customers. It is easy for you to find that MMOEXP team is giving 10% even 20% bonus on some trending game currencies including FC 24 Coins, Madden 24 coins, WOW Classic SoD Gold etc.


That is not all, guys! MMOEXP’s official Twitter with 33K real & active followers is always giving away huge amount coins to fans and clients! MMOEXP knows how to thank customers and how to give feedback to customers. So MMOEXP can receive great active reviews in FC 24 or Madden 24 or other games marketplace.


MMOEXP never ignore any issues, MMOEXP can actively take actions to do compensation or get a resolution even if any issue happened. Customers are God for MMOEXP website! Stay with MMOEXP, you won’t disappointed or regret!