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Uber Uniques D4 Season 4: Necromancer Unique Items Tier List

Jun-01-2024 PST Diablo4

In Diablo 4 Season 4, unique items are the pinnacle of rare loot, providing powerful affixes that can transform a class's playstyle. For the Necromancer, these D4 items can elevate their skills to peak potential. This tier list ranks the best unique items for the Necromancer, focusing on their impact on gameplay and their unique effects.

Uber Uniques D4 Season 4: Necromancer Unique Items Tier List


Blood Artisan's Cuirass

Description: This chest armor is incredibly versatile, offering boosts to both offense and defense.

Unique Affix: Summons a free Bone Spirit every time you pick up 5-10 Blood Orbs.


Grants free use of Bone Spirit, a powerful skill that usually consumes all Essence.

Increases overall armor, damage output, and healing with each Blood Orb picked up.

Black River

Description: The Black River scythe is ideal for enhancing the Corpse Explosion skill.

Unique Affix: Consumes four additional corpses to increase the power and range of Corpse Explosion.


Adds ranks to Corpse Explosion, increasing its effectiveness.

Increases damage to healthy enemies, grants life on kill, and adds ranks to the Fueled by Death skill.


Howl from Below

Description: These gloves augment the Corpse Explosion skill.

Unique Affix: Summons a Volatile Skeleton that explodes, dealing 30-40% more damage than the base skill.


Enhances Corpse Explosion with Volatile Skeletons.

Includes affixes for Diablo 4's Lucky Hit mechanic and increases attack speed for Corpse skills.

Deathless Visage

Description: The best helm for Bone skill builds.

Unique Affix: Bone Spear leaves echoes that explode after a short period.


Increases critical strike damage for Bone skills.

Buffs armor, physical damage, and maximum Essence.

Greaves of the Empty Tomb

Description: Ideal for Darkness skill builds.

Unique Affix: Augments Sever skill to create desecrated ground, damaging enemies.


Adds Lucky Hit effects that deal Shadow damage over time and reduce damage from affected enemies.

Boosts Intelligence and reduces the Essence cost of skills.


Bloodless Scream

Description: A two-handed scythe with niche effects.

Unique Affix: Adds Chill status to Darkness skills for crowd control.


Increases damage to Chilled and Frozen enemies.

Increases Darkness skill damage and Cold resistance.

Deathspeaker's Pendant

Description: Enhances minions and Blood skills.

Unique Affix: Blood Surge casts a mini nova around minions, extending skill range.


Increases minion damage and Blood skill effectiveness.

Improves healing and adds ranks to Coalesced Blood.


Ring of Mendeln

Description: The weakest unique item for the Necromancer, focused on minions.

Unique Affix: Provides a Lucky Hit chance to boost minion attacks with explosions.


Increases minion health and attack speed.

Becomes less useful in endgame content where minions are often sacrificed.


Unique items in Diablo 4 are rare and powerful, with some offering game-changing properties that can define a Necromancer's build. While items like Blood Artisan's Cuirass and Black River are highly sought after for their significant boosts to key skills, others like the Ring of Mendeln may not fit well into endgame strategies. Regardless, each unique item has its place, and acquiring them can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, or you can sell the Unique items for Diablo 4 gold, happy in game.

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team