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Unlocking FC 24 Rewards: A Guide to Squad Building Challenges

Feb-01-2024 PST FC 24

Squad Building Challenges (SBC) in EA FC 24 offer players an exciting opportunity to test their squad-building skills while earning valuable EA FC 24 coins rewards within Ultimate Team. Introduced in FIFA 17, SBCs quickly became a favorite among fans for their ability to enhance the Ultimate Team experience. As EA FC 24 prepares to launch, players can anticipate accessing and completing starter challenges as soon as the game debuts. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and maximizing SBC in EA FC 24.

Unlocking FC 24 Rewards: A Guide to Squad Building Challenges

What is SBC in EA FC 24?

SBCs, also known as Squad Building Challenges, constitute a game mode within Ultimate Team where players tackle a series of challenges aimed at assessing their squad construction abilities. These challenges can be completed solo and offer rewards such as packs, special player cards, and even kits.

How to Complete an SBC in EA FC 24

Squad Building Challenges vary in difficulty, with some being relatively straightforward and accessible to most players, while others pose more significant challenges but offer better rewards. This mode enables players to utilize cards they may not otherwise use, providing a diverse range of dynamic scenarios to engage with. SBCs are typically grouped into several categories, including Basic, Advanced, Upgrades, Live, Leagues, Marquee Matchups, Player of the Month (POTM), Icons, Flashbacks, and Player Moments.

Foundation Challenges: These are introductory challenges designed to familiarize beginners with SBC mechanics, available from the first day of the game.

Advanced Challenges: Geared toward experienced players seeking to master SBCs, these challenges offer insights and strategies for tackling more complex scenarios.

Upgrade Challenges: These challenges allow players to trade in unwanted cards for higher-quality ones, focusing on quality and league upgrades, with some available from the game's launch and others released at specific times.

League Challenges: Players can complete challenges for each club within a specific league or continental competition, available at predetermined times throughout the season.

Live Challenges: Time-limited challenges tied to real-world events or in-game campaigns, providing unique opportunities for rewards during the season.

For beginners, starting with Basic challenges is recommended. These tasks are designed to introduce players to various aspects of SBCs while offering generous pack rewards that can bolster their squad or be used in subsequent challenges. Basic challenges typically require minimal effort and can often be completed using existing player cards.

Steps to Earn Rewards in Squad Building Challenges:

1.Check the Requirements: Review the requirements listed on the right side of the screen before starting to build your squad.

2.Create a Squad: Utilize player cards from your club or acquire them from the Transfer Market to assemble your squad. It's advisable to use unwanted cards to fulfill SBC requirements. Ensure all requirements are met before finalizing your squad.

3.Submit your Squad and Earn Rewards: Once you're confident that all requirements have been satisfied, submit your squad to claim your rewards. Rewards are instantly received upon completing individual challenges or sets of challenges.

How to Access SBC Mode in EA FC 24

Navigate to the main Ultimate Team screen, where you'll find a dedicated button labeled "Squad Building Challenges." This button provides direct access to the SBC main screen, allowing you to embark on challenges and earn rewards using your console, PC, or the Web/Companion App.

With a firm grasp of SBC mechanics and strategies, players can maximize their rewards and enhance their Ultimate Team experience in EA FC 24.

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