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What are the Best and Fastest Ways to Get Items in Skull and Bones

Mar-29-2024 PST Skull and Bones

The ocean in the latest adventure role-playing game from the house of Ubisoft is vast and it is filled with many dangers and rewards for those who dare to sail. Skull and Bones lets you become a pirate captain of your ship and set sail on a solo or a co-op adventure. This adventure will surely test your survival and battle skills to their extreme. Skull and Bones features a whole system of items that you can need to get to unlock and upgrade items. Getting these items isn’t easy for new pirates who don’t know the real difficulties of the sea. For their help, here is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Skull and Bones Items.

What are the Best and Fastest Ways to Get Items in Skull and Bones

How to get items in Skull and Bones Fast?

Skull and Bones is an open-world game where you can get stuff for literally roaming the map. But sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to get Skull and Bones items that you need to make weapons and other important items. For this purpose, we have some tips to help you in getting items in Skull and Bones fast.

1.Destroy Enemy Ships

Skull and Bones is a pirate game so you'll be destroying enemy ships most of the time. Sink enemy ships from day one to get important items. If your level isn’t high, try to pick fights with low-level enemies to make sure that you win every fight. This is one of the best and the fastest ways to get items.

2.Use the Map

When you destroy enemy ships and search them for loot, you'll get your hands on some treasure maps. You can also get these treasure maps by going near wrecks of ships destroyed by the sea and the weather. These maps will feature clues to some pretty big treasures. Follow these clues to find the buried treasure.

3.Use the Marketplace

Skull and Bones features a realistic economy where you can sell your items as well as purchase items from vendors for money. This requires some extra training but once you have mastered the art of trading, you can easily get all the required items from one place and sell your extra item to get Skull and Bones silver pieces.

How to use Marketplace in Skull and Bones?

When you loot and plunder an enemy ship in Skull and Bones, you'll surely get a handful of loot, and not everything in the loot will be useful for you. Now, you have two options, one is to throw those items away while the second option is to keep those items and sell them in the marketplace. Dealing with vendors isn’t easy because the prices of items are different in every region.

Where to sell items?

You can sell your items to any vendor you want in Skull and Bones but there are some details that you should keep in mind to get some extra profit. Various full ports are available in Skull and Bones such as Telok Penjarah and Sainte-Anne. If you are near any of these ports, you can sell your items to a blacksmith, carpenter, or a commodity vendor there. If you are sailing on the sea, you can dock at any location you want to sell your items. You can’t sell items directly from the storage. Instead, you have to first move those items to cargo before you can sell them.

How to get the best price for items?

Selling your items is one thing but selling them at the best price should be your goal. When you buy or sell items in Skull and Bones, there will be an arrow right next to the item. The arrow is available in red and green colors. These colors indicate whether you’re selling the item at a good price or not. If you see a red arrow, this means the price of the item is low and you should sell at some other place. If you see a green, immediately sell the item as this is the best price that you can get for the item. In some cases, no arrow will be shown next to the item.

This will mean that you'll be getting the standard price for that item. The same goes for purchasing the item. Luckily, you can use some loopholes to make money in Skull and Bones. The first loophole is to understand what each item is worth and read the description of the item as it will share details about it. You should sell the item to a specific faction or in a specific area. If you want to find out which items are high in demand, you need to zoom out the map to the second highest level. Ship items and weapons are difficult to sell because their prices change from vendor to vendor.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team