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Skull and Bones: Best Fastest Brigantine Ship Builds for PvE & PvE

Mar-23-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is all about becoming a pirate and ruling the seas. To rule the seas, you need a well-managed crew and a powerful ship. If you lack a good ship, you'll be attacked and defeated by Rogues or the navy. Various classes of ships are available in Skull and Bones including brigantines, frigates, man o’ wars, and sloops, etc. The best ship depends on what are your goals in the game. When it comes to finding the best ship, Brigantine is a household name in Skull and Bones for all the right reasons. This Endgame Brigantine Builds for Skull and Bones guide will share details about the best builds.

Skull and Bones: Best Fastest Brigantine Ship Builds for PvE & PvE

What is Brigantine Ship in Skull and Bones?

Brigantine is a powerful and agile ship in Skull and Bones which is known for its ramming abilities. You can travel even in some of the most dangerous seas in the game but can also fight against some powerful enemies without worrying about losing the right. It features some pretty good gun ports to deal a good amount of damage. It is a medium-sized ship and its speed is pretty good compared to other shops in the same category. The best thing about the Brigantine ship is that you can purchase its blueprints to upgrade it. You need some materials to craft this ship and they are given below.

- Greenheart Plank

- Shellac

- Sheet Glass

- Torsion Spring

- Corrupt DMC Officer’s Insignia

- Crude Saltpeter

- Magnetite Ingot

You can get the blueprints for Brigantine by going to the ruined lighthouse. There, is a corrupt DMC officer that will provide you with the blueprints for fifteen thousand silver coins. Once you have found these materials, the next step is to go to a shipwright and give him the material so he can craft the ship for you. Once the ship is crafted, it will unlock various furniture slots. This will further add up to the strength and the capabilities of Brigantine. Various types of weapons are available for Brigantine including long guns, mortars, torpedoes, and demi cannons. For those who are going to the sea on a solo adventure, Brigantine is their best option.

Best Fastest Brigantine Ship Builds

As you already know the Brigantine Ship is made to deal damage to enemy ships. One of the best perks of the Brigantine ship is called the bullhorn perk. This perk increases the damage from ramming by forty-five percent. Skull and Bones is a pirate game and every fight in the game will start by ramming your ship into the enemy’s ship. Another perk will reduce the duration of sales by eighty percent. To get the most out of the Brigantine ship, also focus on the flooding damage. Here are the three best Brigantine ship builds that we have tried.

1.Best Solo Brigantine Ship Build

If you’re a solo player, this Brigantine ship build is for you. We have tested this build with bullhorn and DPS perks for added ramming damage. Player-vs-player and player-vs-environment battles can be dealt with easily with this build. Start the battle by shooting the torpedo. Ram the ship in the enemy after shooting the torpedo and deal more damage using the bombard. This combo can deal with powerful ships. You can buy Skull and Bones Items and Skull and Bones Silvers from MMOexp.com to build this warship quickly.


Bow – Rahma’s Legacy (110)

Port – Fire Bombard III (98)

Starboard – Fire Bombard III (98)

Stern – Scurlock’s Long Nines (110)

Auxiliary – The Termites II (43)


Hull Armor – Black Prince (440)


Slot 1 – Iron Capstan (50)

Slot 2 – La Potence Schematics I (30)

Slot 3 – Lightened Mast I x 30

Slot 4 – Starboard Powder Kegs I (30)

Slot 5 – Part Powder Kegs I (30)

2.Fast Brigantine Ship Build

If you want to travel fast in Skull and Bones, this Brigantine build is for you. It will provide you with good speed and you will also have good combat abilities. We have also added ramming and flooding damage to this build.


Bow – Shalei II (82)

Port – Long Gun V (90)

Starboard – Flooding Demi-cannon III (98)

Stern – Bombard V (90)

Auxiliary – Mortar III (47)


Hull Armor – Royal Custodian (400)


Slot 1 – Signal Gong (50)

Slot 2 – Iron Cladding Station I (30)

Slot 3 – Torpedo Works I (30)

Slot 4 – Spiked War Horn I (30)

Slot 5 – Maintained Arsenal I (30)

3.DPS Brigantine Ship Build

This build is for those who want DPS from the Brigantine ship. We have added all the best weapons that you can equip.


Bow – Fire Bombard III (98)

Port – Zamzama III (105)

Starboard – Zamzama III (105)

Stern – Fire Bombard III (98)

Auxiliary – Leopold III (50)


Hull Armor – Royal Custodian (400)


Slot 1 – Rope Locker (50)

Slot 2 – Mortar Powderhouse I (30)

Slot 3 – Maintained Arsenal I (30)

Slot 4 – Mortar Works I (30)

Slot 5 – Demi-cannon Furnace (30)

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team