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WoW Cataclysm Classic: Everything New Players Need to Know in 2024

Jul-10-2024 PST WoW Cataclysm Classic
World of Warcraft Classic offers a nostalgic journey for gamers, reviving the essence of the original game while incorporating modern improvements. This version caters to both new players seeking fresh adventures and old-school players longing for a challenging and communal experience. As players transition from the icy landscapes of the Lich King to the devastated realms of Cataclysm, here's what you need to know to thrive in WoW Classic in 2024.

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Everything New Players Need to Know in 2024

Starting the Game

World of Warcraft Classic retains much of its original charm with updated graphics and interfaces to align with contemporary gaming standards. Players begin by choosing their faction and race, embarking on a journey from level 1 to 85. The path is filled with quests, grinding, PvP battles, raids, and the exploration of Azeroth's vast landscapes. The main adventures are set in the icy lands of the Lich King and the cataclysmic wastelands.


Progress in WoW Classic begins with the quest system. Initial quests introduce players to the game's controls and mechanics, gradually increasing in complexity. Completing quests rewards players with WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold, experience,  and equipment, aiding in character development. Following the quest system is ideal for players who prefer a structured approach to leveling up, as it provides guidance and rewards at each stage up to level 85. However, quests alone might not suffice for gathering all the necessary resources, especially for professions and crafting.


Grinding involves hunting monsters across Azeroth, a method reliant on the time and effort players are willing to invest. Quests often direct players to optimal grinding locations, but these areas can also be contested by members of the opposing faction, leading to PvP encounters. Grinding helps accumulate resources for crafting weapons, armor, and other items, essential for strengthening your character. Given that leveling and WoW Classic gold acquisition are slower in WoW Classic, developing professions becomes crucial for enhancing your hero's capabilities.


Professions play a significant role in WoW Classic, impacting both the economy and character preparation. Players should choose professions that complement their class and ensure access to necessary resources.

    Blacksmithing and Mining: Ideal for tanks, warriors, and other classes needing heavy armor and weapons. Blacksmithing allows the creation of powerful equipment and sockets for special stones, while mining provides the raw materials.

    Leatherworking and Skinning: Best suited for archers and classes using light armor. Skinning involves harvesting resources from slain animals, useful for crafting.

    Tailoring, Inscription, and Jewelcrafting: Mages benefit from tailoring for magical armor and can use inscription or jewelcrafting to create staves, jewelry, and other magical items.

Choosing the right professions ensures a steady supply of equipment and potential income from selling crafted items.


Raids are a thrilling aspect of WoW Classic, offering opportunities to gain valuable loot and equipment. Players join groups to battle powerful bosses and their minions. Victory in raids depends on coordination, strategy, and the selected difficulty level. The toughest raid currently is the assault on Deathwing, the ancient dragon responsible for the Cataclysm. Defeating him and other bosses yields significant rewards, enhancing your character's power.


PvP in WoW Classic is intense, driven by the perpetual conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. Players must stay vigilant outside safe zones, as they may encounter enemies at any time. Participating in large-scale battles or smaller skirmishes grants rewards like medals of valor, which can be exchanged for specialized gear and weapons. However, attacking low-level players offers no rewards and is generally discouraged.


World of Warcraft Cataclysm in WoW Classic brings back challenging and iconic updates, appealing to players who enjoy hardcore gaming. Leveling up to 85 in the lands of the Lich King and Cataclysm is a gradual process, emphasizing the value of alliances and teamwork.

The quest system, designed by Blizzard, guides beginners through a structured development path, providing necessary boosts but limited resources. Grinding and professions are essential for resource accumulation and crafting, while raids offer exciting opportunities for significant rewards. PvP adds a dynamic element of constant vigilance and strategic battles.

WoW Classic's slow-paced leveling and constant faction conflicts enhance the communal aspect of the game, fostering new friendships and alliances. Whether following quests, engaging in grinding, mastering professions, or participating in raids and PvP, WoW Classic offers a rich and rewarding experience for new and returning players alike.

MMOexp WoW Cataclysm Classic Team