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    • Game Temtem
    • Server PC
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    Trade Introduction

    What’s TemTem Pansun?

    Pansun is Temtem's in-game currency used in the Airborne Archipelago. It can be gained through selling objects at Temporiums or winning Temtem battles. You can use TemTem Pansun to buy all of the items, from Balms to Revives to TemCards.

    How To Get TemTem Pansun in game?

    MmoExp is telling you how and where to make TemTem Pansun in game as below.


    During your time on Temtem's first island of Deniz, you’ll make the majority of your money from defeating the NPCs who challenge you. The Pansuns you get for winning depend on how hard the fight is.


    You can sell some useful items in game to to obtain Pansun as well.

    Where Is The Most Reliable Place To Buy TemTem Pansun?

    As we said above, it is not easy for common players to make lots of Pansun through selling items and Defeating Temtem Tamers. And you much time will be taken up in your real life by that way. Therefore, Buy TemTem Pansun through internet is the best choice for Temtem Players. MmoExp is providing Cheap TemTem Pansun and our service is online 24/7. Fast Delivery and Cheap Price are guaranteed. After you place an order at MmoExp.com, Please contact our Live chat while keeping your character online in game, your order will be processed and fulfilled as soon as possible.