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​10 Games To Play While You're Waiting For Diablo 4

Feb-01-2023 PST Diablo4

Some of us can't wait for the release of the much-anticipated Diablo 4, which has been developing for a very long time. While you are waiting, why don't you try any of these games?

Fan anticipation for the next installment in what is widely considered to be the most successful RPG game of all time is at an all-time high, with the release of Diablo 4 scheduled for June of 2023. The addictive cycle of fighting, looting, and character customization keeps players coming back for more. Diablo 4 has received mostly favorable early reviews. The gameplay, graphics, and plot have all been praised. Moreover, if you preordered one of Diablo 4's versions 4 worth pre-purchasing an, don't forget to collect your cross-title benefits. A few months remain, so we've compiled the top 10 RPGs list to add more titles that will satisfy lovers of hack-and-slash games as well as top-down action RPGs.

1. Warhammer: Classic ARPG

Although it has the same isometric perspective, four-player co-op, and class kinds of traditional ARPGs, Warhammer: Chaosbane brings the genre into the present day while still giving the impression of being set in the late 2010s. Intense yet methodical fighting will make you think twice before charging into an opponent's camp or taking on the boss. There's a method to mastering your foes' tactics, and there's enough diversity among the bad guys to keep things interesting.

2. Golden Axe Series: Sword and Sorcery

In Golden Axe, players may choose between a barbarian, an Amazonian warrior, or a dwarven fighter, drawing inspiration from various fantasy genres, including Tolkienesque and Hyborian Age works. The Golden Axe trilogy may be old, but it will never stop being a classic of couch co-op gaming, primarily because to the sensitive timing-based gameplay. The Sega Vintage Collection and Sega Megadrive/Genesis Classics have the trilogy, so it's easy to get in the online shops for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

3. Titan Quest: A Vast Globe

Titan Quest is a veteran of the action role-playing game genre; despite being launched in 2006. True, Titan Quest has achieved legendary status, albeit it is often ranked below Diablo as the best of its kind. Titan Quest continues the trend set by its recent forebears. However, it does not adhere to the standard practice of saturating the game's setting with gothic mythology, demons, warlocks, and hellish environments. As an alternative, you'll find yourself on a vast globe that includes historical places like Ancient Greece, Egypt, and China.

4. Hades: Bowels of Hell

Hades stands in stark contrast to the Diablo games in that it is a roguelike RPG. But as one of the greatest hack-and-slash games released in recent memory, fans will find a lot to love in its fresh take on the classic theme of escaping the depths of Hades. The comic book style and comedy help it stand out from the Diablo series, but the repeatable and challenging gameplay will keep fans occupied until Diablo 4 is out. Hades 2, the sequel developed by SuperGiant Games, is scheduled to enter Early Access in the year 2023.

5. Godfall: Ultimate Edition

This fast and thrilling "Godfall:" combines elements from both the slasher genre and the Borderlands-style action role-playing genre. It was able to keep the same gloomy tone of Blizzard's classic series, however. It's a hack-and-slash game at heart, so there's a lot of repeated grinding. The risky idea paid out in the end, and the Ultimate Edition is a substantial improvement.

6. The Black Order: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The 2019 Nintendo Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is both the sequel to and a fresh start for the isometric action RPG franchise. This installment marks the beginning of a new plot in a different world and, as such, functions more like a soft reboot than a straightforward sequel. Despite being independent work, the game's primary gameplay principles are based on the MCU. Compared to its predecessors, Ultimate Alliance 3's fighting is more rapid and fluid. In this game, fans may choose from a wide variety of Marvel characters to play as and level up their abilities along a complex progression system.

7. Warframe: More Modern Vibe

You should give Warframe a try if you're looking for a game with a more contemporary feel and the same emphasis on loot as Diablo. Warframe is, as you may have heard, a futuristic first-person shooter. I get it doesn't sound anything like Diablo, and it's not. Warframe, however, is also greatly influenced by the role-playing game genre in general and looters in particular, offering it a fantastic alternative for Diablo fans looking for something new to try. Better still, it's playable without cost on all three major home consoles, so there's no reason not to check it out.

8. Torchlight 2: Thriving Modding Community

Similarly to its predecessor, Torchlight 2 is an action role-playing game that doesn't try anything new but instead perfects every element of the genre's tried-and-true formula. Torchlight isn't a carbon copy of Diablo; it has its own flair and makes a few tweaks here and there to set itself apart. You may fish, take care of pets, and participate in a thriving modding community. Torchlight 2 excels at the essential aspects of the action role-playing genre. It's hardly surprising that the great kill, loot, and upgrade grind at the heart of Torchlight 2 was designed by two co-creators of Blizzard North and Diablo itself, but it's still worth emphasizing.

9. Wolves Of Midgard: Vikings

It's a lot like Diablo, only it's rooted in Norse mythology and has a lot more room for character customization. Wolves of Midgard may be enjoyed alone or with friends and family in a couch co-op or online. Not only can you restart the campaign, but the tale also changes according to your gender, making this game stand out from the crowd of generic Diablo knockoffs.

10. Grim Dawn: Action RPG

Through the generosity of Kickstarter backers, the action role-playing game was developed. The PathEngine from Titan Quest was utilized to create this gothic Victorian adventure game. By combining two classes, players may give their characters access to a broader range of abilities. There's a tonne of stuff to locate, use, and sell in Grim Dawn so that treasure hunters will be happy.

Final Thoughts

There are ways to pass the time while you wait for Diablo 4, despite the fact that this might be a lengthy and stressful process. Get through your wait time fast and with a smile on your face by playing one of these 10 entertaining games. The games here cater to gamers of all stripes, from those who want action RPGs to those who prefer more tranquil puzzle games. In the meanwhile, why do you even bother waiting? Pick a game and start having some fun right now! And if you need buy cheap Diablo 4 gold when diablo 4 is coming, follow MMOexp now.