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11 Beginners Tips and Tricks for Elden Ring: How to Take on the Lands

Mar-22-2024 PST Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a pretty expansive game and for most players in the gaming community, it may seem impenetrable due to its large scale. Elden Ring is no piece of cake and those who don’t go prepared will be having a tough time getting around here. Everything from the realm itself to bosses and dungeons, everything will give you a tough time. Thanks to the tutorial, you'll learn some basics early on but you'll learn important stuff the hard way if you aren’t prepared. This is the Beginner’s Guide to Elden Ring that you are looking for as it features the 11 best tips and tricks from pro players. By following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy a smooth ride in the Elden Ring.

11 Beginners Tips and Tricks for Elden Ring: How to Take on the Lands

1.Roll to Avoid Damage

When you first step into Elden Ring, you'll surely want a shield to avoid damage. But as you move along, you will be looking for other options to protect yourself from enemy attacks. One of the best methods to avoid damage is to roll at the right time. This trick will work well, especially for Lights. Towards the end-game, bosses will deal a lot of damage and shields will be ineffective in front of them.

2.Don’t Kill Everything

In Elden Ring, no matter which direction you go, you'll find enemies that you can kill. Now, if you’re a strong player, you can pick a fight against some of these enemies but if you’re just a beginner, just change your path and give these enemies their spaces. You don’t have to kill everything that comes your way because this can backfire sometimes.

3.Choose your Build and Weapon Early on

After choosing your favorite Elden Ring class, the next step is to choose your build so you can spend Elden Ring runes to the desired attributes. You may ask if I want to change my build later, what can I do? Well, you can use an item to reallocate all the attributes but this is an end-game item. So, choose your build and weapon early on according to your playstyle and stick to it for better results instead of changing it from time to time.

4.Get powerups and loot from Limgrave

Elden Ring is an open world and you can explore the map to get easy loot and powerups. This will let you fly through those starting character levels without a stretch. Some important sites to explore in Limgrave for loot are Sites of Grace, Stormhill, Limgrave Tunnels, and Warmaster’s Shack Up.

5.Use Map Markers

In the start, the Elden Ring map is hidden and you have to find map fragments to uncover the whole map. But the best thing about this map is that it lets you put more than one hundred custom markers. This way, you can remember the location of merchants and bosses as well as dungeons. Elden Ring’s map is so big that you'll get lost easily without these markers.

6.Focus on Equipment

When you level up your character in Elden Ring, your stats and resistance will be increased and most players just stick to leveling up their characters. Instead, they should be focusing on equipment because stats are useless without the right weapon. Match the weapon according to your character and build.

7.Have a ranged attack option

Mostly, the combat in Elden Ring is up close but you should have at least one ranged attack option in your arsenal. It doesn’t matter whether ranged attacks are your primary mode of attack or not because ranged attacks have many benefits. They can kill low-level enemies before they can approach you.

8.Use Summons

Summons are one of the best tools in Elden Ring especially for beginners. To use a summon, the player has to find a gold mark and interact with it. This will bring NPCs for their help. Using summons requires Mana but they are worth the effort. As you progress in the game, you can upgrade summons.

9.Get the crafting kit

A crafting kit is essential for survival in Elden Ring because it lets you craft whatever you want. You can purchase this kit from a merchant called Kale.

10.Get the Margit’s Shackles

Margit is the first main boss of Elden Ring and defeating Margit isn’t a piece of cake. But players can now purchase shackles for five thousand runes from Patches. These shackles will pin Margit down to the ground. Defeat him for more Elden Ring Items rewards!

11.Get free crafting materials

Crafting is important in Elden Ring but you need materials to do so. These materials are hard to get but not anymore thanks to this loophole. Now, you can rest a Sites of Grace to let crafting materials respawn nearby. This process will surely take time but it doesn’t include any other grinding at all.

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