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​A abbreviate adviser to Pantheons

Dec-16-2019 PST path of exile

I was watching the Dropped frames POE episode, and Chris mentioned that they will apparently yield pantheon out in POE 2.

I just wish to put some adulation out there for pantheon. It's not bold breaking. It's not body defining, but it does advice in a lot of baby ways. Also, I'm affectionate of a accidental player, so anyone abroad apparently has bigger advice on this stuff.

So I'll alpha with Major gods -

A lot of humans say Lunaris for mapping, Solaris for bossing. That's fine, but it changes depending on your character, and the map mods you're facing.

Brine baron - I dont apperceive jack about alkali king. I never use it. I aswell accept never fabricated a CI character, so maybe they do? I see humans advance it sometimes though. Apparently use this if you abhorrence algid arena too.

Lunaris - This one is abundant for artifice builds. If you dodge, you're traveling to get hit eventually, and it's traveling to hurt. Sebbert gives a little added adventitious to contrivance if you allegation it. Ambrius avoids projectiles that chain, and that's big if you run a map with alternation and accept minions. Are you a golem build? You allegation this one. Architect gives you 10% adventitious to abstain projectiles. If you're a bow character, you apparently alone get hit by projectiles or spells. I use this one for bossing on any artifice character.

Solaris - Are you alive a map with a antic crit mod on it? Enemies accept 400% crit multi or something? Aces Solaris. Also, aces Garukhan because that hit is apparently a aboriginal one, and afterwards you get hit, you'll abstain added accident from crits for a hot minute*, and afresh aswell get a little bit adventitious to abstain attacks. Do you accept issues with degen? Well, 50% adventitious to abstain ailments from crits doesnt complete like much, but there's a adventitious that instead of you accepting a beginning ignite, you don't. Remember that we're alive a crit map, so this ability be added advantageous than you think. And what did it cost? Some all-powerful vessels, a few trips to Sin, and afresh acute y and beat afore entering a map. Solaris is aswell acceptable for artifice builds with the 8% bargain basal accident if you haven't been hit recently.

Arkaali - Did you just die in a t10 map for some reason? Why did you yield so abundant damage? Chances are you were shocked. Arkaali will not accomplish you shock immune, but that hit that asleep you ability accept about asleep you instead. The accident over time being is great. That accretion amount affair is kinda cool, and it can save your abject sometimes if you get hit by a ton of degen, hit your activity alembic of staunching, and afresh you get healed for 1k activity and bam, your activity is refilling like you're bubbler a activity flask. And 10% adventitious to abstain lightning accident from hits, that's just frosting. Lightning accident is peaky-AF. That advantageous cycle of accident ability accept been the top roll, and you ability accept just abhorred it. Instead of dying to a one shot, you didn't even apprehend your appearance abhorred the damage.

Minor gods -

Yugul - Are you a DOT based character? Maybe you run adulteration and you do like 18k dps with 800k adulteration dps. Maybe that's 30% physical, 70% chaos. Can you run this phys reflect map? Well, you'll accept a bigger attempt with Yugul. 5% bargain algid damage, yeah that's acceptable too.

Ralakesh - Bleed being ... great, but this aswell applies to claret rage. Are you a appearance that is kinda accepting started, POE currency and you accept agitation with claret acerbity degen? Grab Ralakesh, and Arkaali because that will advice too. Blinded and maimed? I dont apperceive how that will help, but all it amount was a all-powerful barge and a few clicks.

Shakaari - 5% bargain anarchy accident taken ... that's huge! I mean, its not bold breaking, but its free. Also, adulteration is just one of those degens you dont accept to anguish about. And are you alive a abrasive arena map? It helps.

Abberath - Unaffected by afire ground. 5% bargain blaze accident taken while affective ... While affective is a lot of of the time, so its just beneath accident taken. Do you accept phys taken as blaze on something? Uhh, this does advice that a little.

Tukohama - This one is the one anybody uses. But it alone adds being to anchored characters. How generally do you angle still? For 4 abnormal at a time? Never ... this one is advantageous for some builds, like channeling builds abnormally answerable dash, but it isn't abundant for a lot of builds.

Ryslatha - This one is in fact cool. Humans use it a lot, but I absolutely anticipate with the meta of burning activity flasks this isn't as good. This is abundant bigger with afraid activity flasks because you get bifold aftereffect of added activity accretion if on low life. It's not that abundant admitting because you don't use flasks all the time, and there are bigger accessory gods to use.

Garukhan - Do you accept an artifice character? This one is great. You get hit hard, and afresh you balk a little bit more. It can save your butt. You apperceive if you get hit and about die, afresh you're like, ok just dont get hit afresh for a second, but afresh you do and you're dead? Well ... maybe you would accept abhorred it. 5% isn't huge, but it's something, and it is something if it could matter.

Gruthkul - Holy moly, gruthkul is my admired for non-evasion characters. I'm abiding it helps on CI, but I never congenital a CI character. I use this on my Jugg, and he gets hit all the time. So it doesn't complete great, but that's 5% added concrete accident reduction. That's like addition ability allegation for free. That's like 20% fortify aftereffect (for concrete damage). Remember you don't get a lot of phys reduction, so that's helpful. Does you appearance accept no aegis added than life/es? Why not just yield this? Again, it's not traveling to accomplish you face catchbasin minotaur, but instead of dying, maybe you just about die instead.

Pantheons are useful. I feel like my characters aren't complete until I apperceive how to advance the pantheons to advice my appearance abstain dying, and it does help. Sometimes I accept to assemblage affects with a altered alembic bureaucracy to aerate things. Sometimes I accept to acclimatize the way I play, like be added active, and afresh that agency Tukohama is worthless. Sometimes I play a amalgam appearance and he's air-conditioned brittle to all anarchy damage, so I yield arkaali and shakari and never attending back.

Anyway, it's apparently not important for top bank players that cook the screen, but for casuals like me that play 1-2 hours a night on a acceptable night, that's the aberration amid accepting 10% appear my next level, or accident all the advance I fabricated tonight and endure night. The point is would you rather about die, or die? Maybe pantheon is your answer, but you should apparently aswell get added life, added defenses, added dps. Maybe that dps/life/whatever comes from 1 added acquiescent point ... acknowledge you pantheon!

So I'm just traveling to bandy some account for POE 2 here.

Instead of capturing souls, we could acquire their blessings at their shrines. We could dip our belts into a font, and that could accord us a arresting bonus. We could dip our amulets into a font, and that could accord us an abhorrent bonus. We could dip a alembic into the font, and it could accord us a benefit during alembic aftereffect or something.

Maybe we accept to accomplish abundant sacrifices to anniversary god at their temple. Maybe to get arresting bonuses, we accept to cede pieces of armor or currency. Maybe to get abhorrent bonuses, we accept to annihilate bags of enemies, or something. Maybe to get the alembic effect, we accept to ample the chantry with superior flasks.

So, instead of killing gods, we're just adherent them. That could be cool.

Maybe we accept to authority a deity's sigil in adjustment to accretion an effect? Maybe some of them act as a banner, some act as a focus skill, and some are generic, or plan if we're application flasks. Maybe some affect accuse with duration. Maybe some add abject continuance to buffs - like adds 1 added to abject continuance of buffs which would be huge for some builds. Maybe some transform accuse if they expire - like 5% adventitious accuse that expire (not consumed) admission an added accidental charge. Maybe pantheons plan with acerbity like - acerbity expires 50% slower while you accept beneath than 15 acerbity stacks. Maybe...

Anyway, I anticipate the arrangement is cool, and that it shouldn't be scrapped. If you don't use it, accord it some application to allowance your build. Maybe GGG will change their mind, or just aggrandize it and accomplish it cooler. I anticipate it's underappreciated.