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Best Weapons Tier List In Palworld

Feb-05-2024 PST Palworld

Palworld has surged in popularity, emerging as the latest gaming sensation. To aid players in navigating the diverse arsenal within the game, we've meticulously compiled a guide outlining the various weapons and their power levels. This comprehensive tier list aims to assist you in swiftly identifying potent weapons, optimizing strategies, and enhancing your overall proficiency in Palworld.


This tier list evaluates all available weapons in Palworld, helping you gauge whether investing time and resources in obtaining specific weapons is worthwhile. The ranking is based on factors such as damage output, crafting materials required, immediate availability, and strategic viability.


D-Tier Weapons Explained

The lowest tier, D-Tier, encompasses the stone spear, meat cleaver, and wooden club. While these weapons are rarely used, the meat cleaver stands out as it can be employed to extract additional food from your Pals. However, their close-range nature poses challenges against formidable Pals, making them less favorable.

Stone Spear (18x Wood, 6x Stone)

Meat Cleaver (Wood x20, Stone x5, Ingot x5)

Wooden Club (Wood x5)

C-Tier Weapons Explained

The C-Tier weapons include the old bow, bat, metal spear, and musket. The bat and metal spear quickly become obsolete, and even the powerful musket disappoints due to its sluggish reload speed. The old bow, while effective initially, is soon replaced by superior variants.

Old Bow (30x Wood, 5x Stone, 15x Fiber)

Bat (30x Wood, 30x Stone)

Metal Spear (27x Wood, 12x Stone, 10x Ingot)

Musket (25x Iron Ingot, 5x Oil, 30x Wood)

B-Tier Weapons Explained

The B-Tier introduces the bolt-action rifle and crossbow. These weapons boast strength but may prove challenging due to slower reload speeds. Success in combat often relies on the assistance of your Pals rather than the weaponry itself.

Bolt Action Rifle (20x Refined Ingot, 5x Polymer)

Crossbow (50x Wood, 40x Stone, 10x Ingot, 5x Nail)

A-Tier Weapons Explained

The A-Tier features the Stun Baton, Rocket Launcher, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Handgun. While the handgun serves as a reliable early-game weapon, the stun baton facilitates stunning Pals for easier capture. The double-barrel shotgun and rocket launcher excel in damage output but suffer from extended reload times and limited ammo capacity.

Stun Baton (Electric Organ x20, Ingot x20)

Rocket Launcher (75x Pal Metal Ingot, 30x Polymer, 50x Carbon Fiber)

Double Barrel Shotgun (30x Refined Ingot, 7x Polymer)

Handgun (50x Iron Ingot, 15x Oil)

S-Tier Weapons Explained

The pinnacle of the tier list, S-Tier weapons, comprises the Assault Rifle, Sword, and Pump Action Shotgun. These weapons exhibit unparalleled prowess on the battlefield. The assault rifle, particularly potent with ample ammo, stands out, while the pump-action shotgun wreaks havoc on enemies. For close-quarters combat, the sword proves to be a durable and formidable choice.

Assault Rifle (40x Refined Ingot, 10x Polymer, 30x Carbon Fiber)

Sword (Wood x20, Stone x20, Refined Ingot x30)

Pump Action Shotgun (30x Refined Ingot, 20x Polymer, 40x Carbon Fiber)


Armed with this knowledge of Palworld's best weapons, you can strategically plan your progression in the game. Don't forget to explore the optimal technology investments and discover the finest flying and ground Pals in Palworld additionally, you can choose the Palworld items you need on MMOexp to elevate your gameplay to further enhance your gaming experience.

MMOexp Palworld Team