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Crafting the Ultimate Samurai Build in Elden Ring

May-20-2024 PST Elden Ring

Embodying the spirit of the legendary samurai, a warrior bound by honor and skill, is a captivating journey within the world of Elden Ring. With its emphasis on offensive prowess and mastery of the katana, the Samurai build has garnered widespread acclaim among players seeking a thrilling combat experience. This essay serves as a comprehensive guide to crafting the ultimate Samurai build, offering insights into gameplay strategies, stat allocations, recommended weapons and armor, as well as essential talismans to unleash the full potential of the samurai within.

Crafting the Ultimate Samurai Build in Elden Ring

Mastering Samurai Gameplay

To excel as a samurai in Elden Ring, mastering the art of offense is paramount. The Samurai class favors a medium load classification, enabling swift evasions without compromising combat agility. Two-handing the Uchigatana, the iconic starting weapon, unleashes devastating attacks and unlocks the powerful Unsheathe ability, ideal for breaking enemy defenses and inflicting blood loss buildup.

Additionally, proficiency with the bow serves as a strategic tool for engaging enemies from a distance and drawing them out one by one. With diligent practice in timing dodges and exploiting enemy vulnerabilities, samurai players can dominate encounters with precision strikes and relentless assaults.

Optimal Samurai Build Stats

Strategic allocation of attribute points is crucial for optimizing the Samurai build's effectiveness. While flexibility exists, prioritizing Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity lays a solid foundation for combat proficiency and survivability.

Vigor: Increases HP and defensive capabilities, ensuring resilience in the face of adversity.

Endurance: Enhances stamina and equipment load, facilitating sustained aggression and mobility.

Strength and Dexterity: Essential for wielding powerful katanas such as the Uchigatana and Twinblade, enabling swift and lethal strikes against foes.

Investing in these core stats empowers samurai warriors to unleash devastating combos and maintain relentless pressure on adversaries.

Recommended Samurai Build Weapons

The arsenal of a samurai is defined by the grace and lethality of the katana. From early-game essentials to late-game masterpieces, a variety of katanas cater to diverse playstyles and preferences:

Bloodhound's Fang: Inflicts blood loss buildup, ideal for sustained damage against formidable foes.

Moonveil: Harnesses the power of magic with Transient Moonlight, offering versatility in combat.

Nagakiba: Boasts unparalleled range and piercing attacks, providing strategic advantages in battle.

Hand of Malenia: A pinnacle of late-game mastery, unleashing lightning-fast aerial assaults with Waterfowl Dance.

Each weapon offers unique attributes and playstyles, allowing samurai players to tailor their loadout to suit specific challenges and adversaries encountered throughout their journey. Players can buy Elden Ring items and Elden Ring runes from MMOexp to give better options for weapons.

Optimal Samurai Build Armor

While aesthetics play a role, selecting armor that complements the Samurai build's agility and defense is paramount. Maintaining a medium load classification is essential to avoid the encumbrance of heavy armor while maximizing mobility and evasion.

Land of Reeds Set: Provides a balanced blend of protection and agility, ideal for early-game samurai.

Ronin Set: Embraces the traditional samurai aesthetic while offering solid defensive capabilities.

White Reed Set: Rewards exploration with formidable protection and aesthetic appeal, suitable for mid-game progression.

Ultimately, the best armor is one that strikes a balance between protection and mobility, allowing samurai players to engage in swift, decisive strikes without sacrificing survivability.

Essential Samurai Build Talismans

Talismans serve as invaluable assets in enhancing the prowess of a samurai warrior, providing buffs and bonuses to augment combat effectiveness. From stat boosts to specialized abilities, selecting talismans that synergize with the Samurai build amplifies its potency on the battlefield:

Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom: Augments Dexterity for increased agility and precision in combat.

Starscourge Heirloom: Bolsters Strength to deliver devastating blows with the katana.

Lord of Blood's Exultation: Amplifies attack power during blood loss, capitalizing on the samurai's relentless onslaught.

Arrow's Reach: Extends the effective range of the bow, enabling precise strikes from afar.

By incorporating these talismans into their loadout, samurai players can unleash the full extent of their martial prowess and emerge victorious in even the most challenging encounters.


Crafting the ultimate Samurai build in Elden Ring is a journey of skill, strategy, and self-discovery. Through meticulous stat allocation, careful selection of weapons and armor, and strategic use of talismans, players can embody the timeless spirit of the samurai and carve their legend in the annals of The Lands Between. Whether engaging in swift duels or confronting towering adversaries, the way of the blade beckons, offering unparalleled excitement and mastery for those brave enough to embrace it.

MMOexp Elden Ring Team