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Dark and Darker: 2024 Roadmap Guide

Jul-10-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker is embarking on an exciting journey in 2024 with a comprehensive roadmap that promises thrilling updates and new features. Let's dive into the key highlights and upcoming additions to this dark fantasy adventure.

Dark and Darker: 2024 Roadmap Guide

1. Epic Games Store and Steam Return

The game's return begins with a strategic move to the Epic Games Store, marking a crucial step towards reintroducing Dark and Darker to the gaming community. This transition will pave the way for a marketing push aimed at re-launching the game on Steam, the primary platform for many players. Expect this transition within 3-6 months following the new wipe.

2. Multiclassing

A groundbreaking feature introduced in the March 2024 wipe, multiclassing unlocks a world of possibilities for character customization. Master your class at Level 100, earn Learning Tokens as you progress, and unlock abilities from any class, fostering creativity and diverse playstyles. Exercise caution with this powerful system, as balancing is key to maintaining a fair and engaging gameplay experience.

3. Introducing the Druid Class

The Druid emerges as the newest addition to Dark and Darker's roster of classes. Harness the forces of nature and master the art of shapeshifting between animal forms. Expect the Druid to enhance gameplay depth with its unique mechanics, blending magic and melee combat seamlessly.

4. PVP Arena

For those craving competitive challenges, the PVP Arena offers instant access to test your dream builds and skills against other players. Dive into adrenaline-fueled battles without the risk of gear loss, perfecting your strategies and honing your combat prowess.

5. Explore the Ice Abyss

Venture into uncharted territory with the Ice Abyss, a new map teeming with icy challenges and formidable foes. Navigate through treacherous terrains and confront the fearsome Ice Wyvern, a colossal boss waiting to test your skills and courage.

6. Additional Features and Changes

a.AP/Loot Rebalancing: Enhance the game's flow and balance for a more engaging experience.

b.Dungeon Insurance & Expressman Services: Safeguard your gear with insurance-like features and convenient retrieval services.

c.Backpacks & Quivers: Expand inventory space and optimize equipment management during dungeon runs.

d.Guild Hall/Player Room: Socialize and collaborate with fellow players in personalized spaces, fostering community engagement.


Dark and Darker's 2024 roadmap promises an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. Stay tuned for MMOexp's updates and get cheap Dark and Darker Gold, enjoy a year filled with exciting content, challenges, and adventures in this dark fantasy world. Embark on your journey, master new abilities, and forge your legend in the ever-evolving realm of Dark and Darker.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team