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Dark and Darker Druid Build: Best Perks, Skills, and Spells

Jun-27-2024 PST Dark And Darker

The Druid is the latest addition to Dark and Darker, offering a unique blend of spell-casting and brute force that sets it apart from other classes. Whether you're transforming into a powerful Bear or an agile Panther, the Druid provides a dynamic and versatile gameplay experience. Here's our guide to the best Druid build in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Druid Build: Best Perks, Skills, and Spells

Best Perks for the Druid in Dark and Darker

In most combat situations, you will be transforming into either the Bear or the Panther. While the Bear lacks mobility, it compensates with sheer strength. On the other hand, the Panther sacrifices some stopping power for unmatched agility. To maximize your potential in PvP situations, you should focus on perks that enhance your combat prowess while shapeshifting.

Recommended Perks:

1.Enhanced Wildness: Boosts your overall damage output and survivability in animal form.

2.Thorn Coat: Returns a portion of the damage you take to the enemy, providing a passive damage boost.

3.Sun and Moon: Increase your allies' Vigor and Magic Damage, making it a great support perk.

4.Natural Healing: Slowly restores health to you and your allies, particularly useful for new players or prolonged encounters.

Though the Druid's perks were stronger before a recent Nerf, they remain some of the most powerful in the game for both PvP and PvE encounters.

Druid Skills in Dark and Darker, Explained

Unlike the Barbarian, the Druid doesn't pick and choose skills; they come as default options. These include Shapeshift Memory and Spell Memory. Shapeshift Memory allows the Druid to transform into various animal forms, each with unique abilities, while Spell Memory stores several spells that can be used for damage, healing, or summoning.

Shapeshift Skills:

1.Insect Predation (Chicken): Allows the Druid to eat insects to recover HP, boosted by the Resourcefulness stat.

2.Wild Rush (Panther): A dash ability that lets the Druid pounce on enemies.

3.Survival Instinct (Rat): Boosts the Druid's movement speed in Rat form and lowers it after the skill expires.

4.Wild Fury (Bear): Increases damage and defenses while in Bear Form, making it easier to shred through enemies.

These skills enhance the Druid's versatility, allowing for effective combat in various situations.

Best Spells for the Druid in Dark and Darker

The Druid has access to numerous spells, each with a "Memory" value based on its Tier. This means you need to strategically choose which spells to bring into combat, mixing and matching for the best build.

Recommended Spells:

Spirit Spells

1.Nature's Touch (1 Cost): Heals self orally for 15 over time and grants another 15 recoverable health.

2.Dreamfire (3 Cost): Deals 15 Magic Damage in an area and instantly heals anyone afflicted by Nature's Touch for 10 HP per damaged enemy.

3.Restore (5 Cost): Heals self and all nearby allies by 30 HP over time.

4.Tree of Life (6 Cost) [Optional]: Spawns a tree that grants +5 to all attributes and gives 40 recoverable HP over time.

Earth Spells

Thorn Barrier (4 Cost): Creates a barrier made of thorns in an area that deals 4 damage per second to enemies that touch it.

For solo players, consider swapping out Dreamfire for Barkskin Armor to enhance your own defenses when allies aren't around.

These spells enhance your healing capabilities while in Human form, ensuring you and your allies can sustain through tough encounters. The Thorn Barrier can also control enemy movement, preventing them from escaping or positioning advantageously.

Playstyle Tips

1.Shapeshifting: Use Bear Form for strength-based combat, ideal for direct confrontations. Switch to Panther Form for quick strikes and agility, perfect for hit-and-run tactics or when you need to reposition swiftly.

2.Spell Management: Keep track of your spell memory to ensure you have the right spells for each situation. Healing and damage spells should be balanced according to your team composition and the challenges you expect to face.

3.Support Role: While the Druid excels in combat, don't forget your supportive capabilities. Sun and Moon and Natural Healing can turn the tide in prolonged battles, giving your team the edge they need.


The Druid in Dark and Darker offers a flexible and powerful gameplay experience, combining the best of spell-casting and shape-shifting. By selecting the right perks and collecting Dark and Darker Gold, mastering your skills, and strategically using your spells, you can dominate both PvP and PvE encounters. Embrace the wild and unleash the full potential of the Druid in your next adventure!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team