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Dark and Darker: How to Extract from the Dungeons

Mar-21-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker features a lot of dungeons and getting out from these dungeons alive is a hard task. Therefore, you have to extract from the dungeons sometimes. These dungeons are filled with bosses, flying skull enemies, deadly skeleton enemies, and much more. Each dungeon also features chests that you can get after killing those enemies and these chests feature some of the best loot in Dark and Darker, includes tons of Dark and Darker Gold and items.. This is why, everyone wants to fight in these dungeons in the first place. These dungeons are quite difficult to deal with and in case you die in these dungeons, you'll lose all the loot as well as the gear. So, if you want to extract from dungeons in Dark and Darker, this guide is for you.

Dark and Darker: How to Extract from the Dungeons

What is Extraction in Dark and Darker?

There is a total of four maps in Dark and Darker and each map features an exit point. These exit points are called Extraction points. You can use these points to exit from a dungeon. These extraction points are indicated by a blue portal. To use a portal, you need a Blue Headstone. You can find these blue headstones on the game map. On each map, there are a total of three levels and a headstone will spawn on each level although the location of the headstone will be different. Beware of going into a dungeon unprepared as these headstones won’t appear at the start. Instead, you have to survive in the dungeon for some time before they’ll appear.

Blue Headstone – How to find them and How do they work?

Headstones appear randomly in each dungeon and you need to find them to extract. Once you have stayed in a dungeon for three to four minutes, a notification will appear on the screen saying that the extraction point has spawned. Once a headstone has spawned, new ones keep appearing on the map from time to time. Sometimes, extraction points can be found outside the end zone. If this is the case with you, you need some extra health to get out of the circle and activate the portal manually.

The most common location where blue headstones can appear is near the red headstones. Red headstones are also important because you need them to access the lowest level of a dungeon. This is where you'll find the main boss of the dungeon. Those who want to extract from a dungeon should avoid the red headstones because it can further complicate the thing. You just have to look for a red headstone as the blue one will be near it. After finding the blue headstone, press F and this will open the Blue Portal from where you can exit.

This blue portal will stay on forever and you can use it to exit from the dungeon anytime you want. You can use the same blue portal to reenter the dungeon whenever you want. It is advised that you camp near the blue portal if you want to deal with the dungeon. The blue portal is similar to everyone else and players also use it to lure other players into the dungeon and kill them. If another player has used your portal, you need to find a new portal to exit the dungeon because the previous one will be closed for you.

There is a limit to how many players can exit from the dungeon and the limit is only one. Just like someone can steal your portal, you can also steal someone else’s portal to exit the dungeon. Here are some more important details about these portals that you need to keep in mind.

- Extract portals won’t expire at all after you activate them. This means that you can use them anytime you want.

- Red and blue portals mostly spawn nearby so activate carefully as one wrong move will lead to more problems because the red portal will lead to high-level bosses.

Tips for Extracting in Dark and Darker

Although, Dark and Darker is an easy-to-understand game you still have to master a lot of things. One of them is extracting from dungeons. If the above given wasn’t enough for you, here are some tips for extracting in Dark and Darker.

- Two portals open in Dark and Darker. One is the down portal while the other is the blue portal. The down portal will take you down the dungeon and make it difficult for you to exit it.

- Guard your portal at all costs because other players can steal it. If this happens, you'll have to wait for three to four minutes for a new portal to spawn near you.

- To save time, it is advised that you open a portal as soon as it is available before starting the dungeon. This way, you can exit a dungeon anytime you want.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team