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Dark and Darker Portals Guide

Mar-27-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker is a dungeon game where you’ll be fighting zombies and other monsters to survive till the end and exit the dungeon using a portal. If you gather good loot but you don’t make it out of the dungeon alive, you'll lose everything that you’ll have to start again. To avoid this, you can use special portals to exit the dungeon. There are two portals in Dark and Darker. Only one of those portals will help in exiting the dungeon so you have to find it in the first place. In this Dark and Darker Portals guide, we’ll share details about both red and blue portals so you can extract from the dungeon without any difficulty.

Dark and Darker Portals Guide

What are Portals in Dark and Darker?

Portals are special doorways that will take you to another world in Dark and Darker. Two portals are available in the game. These portals are categorized based on their colors. One is the red portal while the second is the blue portal. Here are complete details about both red and blue portals.

1.Red Portals

Red portals are also called down portals. When a red portal appears on the map, it will connect the current floor to the floor below it. These portals are only available in the Forgotten Castle dungeon because the Goblin Cave dungeon doesn’t need a red portal. It features stairs that you can use to exit the dungeon. Red portals will take you to one of the most brutal floors in any dungeon. On this floor, everything will try to kill you. Some places will have swamp water that will deal damage to you gradually. Monsters on this floor are also quite hard to hit and their health bars are quite big.

You need to make a lot of preparations to go to the last floor of the dungeon because of all the challenges. Experts advise that the last floor should be a team adventure instead of a solo adventure because of how difficult things can get there. Teams can easily deal with those end-game bosses as well as other high-level bosses. These floors are prepared on demand so you have to wait in a special chamber for some time before you can enter the last floor. These down portals appear in groups of three portals and they appear nearby. This way, your whole team can go to the last floor all together.

2.Blue Portals

Blue Portals are also called escape portals. As the name tells, you need to find one of the blue portals to get out of a dungeon. You can identify the blue portal with a blue headstone. When you exit the dungeon with a blue portal, there is no limit to how much loot you can take. This means you can get out of the dungeon with as much loot as you can. Finding the blue portal is difficult, especially for beginners. Firstly, these portals appear randomly so you have to find them all the time.

Dark and Darker Portals Tips

The easiest way to differentiate between the red and the blue portals is by checking their headstones. If the headstone is red, you'll be going deep in the dungeon while the blue headstone portal will take you to the outside world. You can also differentiate between the two by understanding their sounds. The sound of the blue portal is like rocks rumbling or like an old gate made of stone opening. If you hear three of these sounds at the same time, this means that the trio of red portals is appearing on the map. If you don’t understand the portals much, don’t worry as you can use another method to exit the dungeon.

This method is only available for the goblin cave dungeon for now. In this cave, you can find a staircase that will help you in getting out of the dungeon. Players also want a second option to exit the dungeon because of the limitations of portals. Portals are great but they have a lot of limitations. Only one player can use a blue portal to get out of the dungeon. Moreover, anyone can steal your portal and if they use the portal to get out of the dungeon, the portal will disappear and you have to find a second portal.

If you find a portal and activate it, you have to guard it because anyone can steal it from you. Looting is the main purpose of Dark and Darker but you have to protect the escape portal if you want to make it out of the dungeon alive and with all the loot, successfully escape and you will be rewarded with more Dark and Darker Gold. If you have enough loot and looking for some easy kills, activate a portal and hide to wait for other players so you can kill them with a single shot when they come near the portal.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team