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Dark and Darker Soul Heart Guide

May-10-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Welcome to the Dark and Darker Soul Heart Guide, where we shed light on this crucial aspect of the game that can turn the tide of a Dungeon Run. In this eerie world, death lurks around every corner, but with the Soul Heart, you gain a chance at resurrection. Let's delve into the details.

Dark and Darker Soul Heart Guide

Where to Find Soul Hearts in Dark and Darker

Soul Hearts are precious items that grant you the power of resurrection or the ability to revive fallen allies. When a comrade falls in battle, these elusive hearts appear on their remains. However, obtaining a Soul Heart isn't merely about looting; it requires a small sacrifice and a special altar.

Using Soul Hearts Effectively

Upon looting a fallen ally's body, you'll acquire the Soul Heart, but the revival process isn't automatic. Seek out the Altar of Sacrifice within the dungeon—typically found on lower levels—and offer some of your own HP as a sacrifice along with the Soul Heart. This ritualistic exchange brings your friend back to life, ready to fight once more.

How to Acquire Soul Hearts

The Soul Heart manifests as a distinct item, often emanating a white glow amidst a fallen ally's possessions. You must loot it directly from a fallen teammate's body; it cannot be obtained from enemy loot. Remember, Soul Hearts are exclusive to allies and are consumed upon use.

Essential Tips for Soul Heart Usage

Altar Caution: Be wary of performing the revival ritual at Altars, as these locations can attract hostile creatures or opportunistic players.

Backup Preparation: Always ensure you have enough HP to spare for the revival process, anticipating potential attacks during the ritual.

Team Dynamics: Consider having a cleric in your team for alternative revival methods, as they can revive without Soul Hearts and multiple times during a run.

Post-Revival Status: Revived allies return to the fray without their previous equipment or acquired items, emphasizing the importance of survival.


In the perilous world of Dark and Darker, the Soul Heart serves as a beacon of hope amidst darkness and despair. Mastering its use requires strategic foresight, teamwork, and a vigilant eye for danger. With this guide, navigate the challenges of resurrection and forge ahead in your quest for survival.

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