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​Diablo 4 Season 4: How to Farm Iron

Jun-03-2024 PST Diablo4

Farming for resources has become a staple in modern RPGs, influenced significantly by the rise of MMOs. Diablo 4 embraces this trend by incorporating resource farming into its gameplay. One of the d4 key materials you'll need to gather is iron. This guide will delve into the importance of iron in Diablo 4, how to farm it effectively, and its various uses.

Diablo 4 Season 4: How to Farm Iron

Why Farm Iron?

Diablo 4 introduces resource farming, but unlike other games with a plethora of Diablo4 items/materials, it keeps things simple with just two types of ore: iron and silver. Iron is crucial for several reasons:

Crafting and Upgrading: Iron is primarily used to refine and upgrade weapons, accessories, and some armor pieces. It's a critical component for maintaining and enhancing your gear.

Trading: Players don't use the ore directly but trade it with NPCs, often in conjunction with Diablo 4 gold, for various benefits.

Resource Conversion: Iron can be refined into silver by alchemists, providing flexibility if you need the latter for specific upgrades or trades.

Uses for Iron

Iron in Diablo 4 is found in Ore Veins and Glittering Ore Veins scattered across Sanctuary. Here are the main uses for iron:

Refining: Alchemists can convert iron into silver if needed, adding versatility to your resource management.

Upgrading Gear: Iron is essential for upgrading almost every piece of equipment. Weapons, accessories, and some armor pieces require iron for enhancement.

Crafting Gems: Glittering Ore Veins often yield gemstones. These can be taken to a Jeweler to be cut and upgraded, allowing you to socket and improve your gear.

Where to Farm Iron

Farming iron efficiently involves knowing the best locations and methods to gather this valuable resource. Here are the top strategies:

1. Salvaging Equipment

One of the easiest ways to gather iron is by salvaging equipment at the Blacksmith. As you adventure through Sanctuary, you'll acquire a lot of gear. Rather than selling everything, take some pieces to the Blacksmith to be broken down into iron. The downside is the limited inventory space, so you'll need to manage your haul back to town.

2. Mining Iron Nodes

Iron nodes are scattered throughout the wilderness of Sanctuary. While their placement is random, they are more commonly found in specific environments:

Mountainous and Rocky Areas: These regions typically have a higher concentration of iron nodes.

Swamplands: Surprisingly, swamplands often contain more iron nodes than average.

When exploring these areas, keep an eye out for these nodes and gather iron chunks.

3. Completing Quests and Finding Ore Caches

Certain quests reward players with ore caches. For example, the quest "A Debt Repaid" found in Backwater includes such rewards. These caches can contain a variety of supplies, including iron.

4. Exploring Cellars and Dungeons

Cellars and dungeons, especially those located underground or near old mines, are rich in resources. These areas often contain nodes, caches, and chests, all of which can yield iron and silver. Additionally, enemies in these locations have a higher chance of dropping chunks of iron.

5. Looting Dead Miners

Throughout your travels, you may come across dead miners. These unfortunate souls can be looted for iron and silver. Look for them not just inside mines, but also near entrances, old campsites, and ruined transport vehicles.

6. Opening Chests and Caches

Various types of chests, travelers' caches, and lockboxes scattered around the world can contain iron. The likelihood of finding iron increases if these containers are located in mountainous regions, ruined mines, or former mining towns.

Farming Tips

Travel Efficiently: Use a mount to cover ground quickly and ensure you stop and dismount at nodes to gather resources.

Manage Inventory: Salvage gear frequently to keep your inventory clear for collecting more iron.

Explore Thoroughly: Don't rush through dungeons or outdoor areas. Thorough exploration can yield significant amounts of iron.

Group Play: Consider farming with friends. Group play can speed up the process, and you can cover more ground together.


Farming iron in Diablo 4 is a vital part of enhancing your gear and progressing through the game. By understanding the best locations and methods to gather this resource, you can ensure that you always have a steady supply of iron for refining, upgrading, and trading. Keep your eyes open, explore thoroughly, and make the most of your adventures in Sanctuary to stockpile this essential material.

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team