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Diablo 4 Season 5: New Consumables Reveal

Jul-09-2024 PST Diablo4

With Diablo 4 Season 5 on the horizon, Blizzard is introducing exciting new content, including innovative consumables and a challenging new mode, Infernal Hordes. This guide will provide an overview of the upcoming consumables, their benefits, and how they integrate into the new game mode. Let's dive into what Season 5 has to offer and how you can make the most of these additions.

Diablo 4 Season 5: New Consumables Reveal

New Consumables in Season 5

Consumables in Diablo 4 are items that provide temporary buffs or restore health, playing a crucial role in enhancing your gameplay experience. Season 5 introduces four new consumables, each offering unique benefits that can be pivotal in both regular gameplay and the new Infernal Hordes mode. These vital consumables can be purchased directly from the MMOexp store at extremely low prices.

1. Antipathy

Type: Rare Anointment

Effect: Increases players' resistance.

Usage: Ideal for builds that require enhanced durability and survivability, especially in encounters with high damage output from enemies.

2. Blackblood

Type: Common Anointment

Effect: Improves a random core stat.

Usage: A versatile consumable that can provide a boost to any core attribute, making it useful in various situations where an unexpected edge is needed.

3. Vitriol

Type: Magical Anointment

Effect: Increases damage over time.

Usage: Perfect for damage-over-time (DoT) builds, enhancing the effectiveness of skills and abilities that rely on prolonged damage.

4. Triune Anointment Cache

Type: Cache

Contents: Contains anointments, rare gear, and crafting materials.

Usage: A treasure trove for players looking to bolster their arsenal with powerful items and essential crafting components.

These consumables not only offer temporary buffs but also can be crafted, adding a strategic layer to resource management and gameplay planning. The recipes for these anointments will be available, allowing players to craft them as needed.

Infernal Hordes Mode

Season 5 also introduces a brand-new endgame mode called Infernal Hordes. This mode offers a roguelite experience, challenging players with waves of enemies and dynamic modifiers that can alter the course of each run.

Key Features of Infernal Hordes

1.Wave-Based Combat: Players face waves of enemies, with each wave lasting 90 seconds.

2.Modifiers: After each wave, players choose from three modifiers that will impact subsequent waves. These modifiers can increase the difficulty and variety of challenges, enhancing the roguelite experience.

3.Rewards: The higher the difficulty and the more waves players complete, the better the rewards. This includes rare gear, crafting materials, and new consumables.

4.Abyssal Scrolls: These Diablo 4 items can be used to further increase the challenge, similar to the Profane Mindcage Elixir in Helltides.

Strategies for Infernal Hordes

1.Build Preparation: Ensure your character build is optimized for sustained combat. Focus on survivability and consistent damage output to handle the waves of enemies effectively.

2.Consumable Management: Utilize the new consumables wisely. For instance, use Antipathy to boost resistance in tougher waves, and Vitriol to maximize DoT effects in prolonged battles.

3.Modifier Selection: Choose modifiers that complement your build and playstyle. Some modifiers may offer defensive benefits, while others might enhance your offensive capabilities.

4.Team Coordination: If playing in a group, coordinate with your teammates to balance modifiers and ensure a well-rounded approach to each wave. This can significantly increase your chances of success.

Testing in the Public Test Realm (PTR)

Players can explore and test these new consumables and the Infernal Hordes mode in the PTR until July 2. This period allows players to provide feedback and help fine-tune the new features before the official release of Season 5. Participating in the PTR gives you a head start in understanding the mechanics and preparing strategies for when the season goes live.

What to Expect in the PTR

Access to New Consumables: Test the effectiveness of Antipathy, Blackblood, Vitriol, and Triune Anointment Cache in various scenarios.

Experience Infernal Hordes: Engage with the new mode, experiment with different builds and strategies, and understand the impact of modifiers.

Crafting Anointments: Explore the crafting system for the new anointments, including the materials required and the benefits they offer.


Diablo 4 Season 5 promises to bring fresh excitement to the game with the introduction of new consumables and the Infernal Hordes mode. The new anointments—Antipathy, Blackblood, Vitriol, and Triune Anointment Cache—offer diverse benefits that can be pivotal in enhancing your gameplay. The Infernal Hordes mode adds a thrilling roguelite experience, challenging players with waves of enemies and dynamic modifiers.

By participating in the PTR, you can get a head start on mastering these new features, providing valuable feedback to help refine them before the official release. Prepare your builds, stock up on consumables and Diablo 4 Gold, and get ready to face the Infernal Hordes in Diablo 4 Season 5!

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team