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EA FC 24: Best Young Central Midfielders in Career Mode

Jun-28-2024 PST FC 24

While playing Career Mode in EA FC 24, one of your primary goals is to find and develop young central midfielders (CMs) who can become the backbone of your team. Central midfielders are crucial for both defense and attack, often referred to as the heartbeat of any football team. This guide will spotlight some of the best young CMs in EA FC 24 Career Mode, showcasing their current abilities and potential to become future stars. MMOexp can give you a lot of FC 24 coins to help you get the players you want.

EA FC 24: Best Young Central Midfielders in Career Mode

Top Young Central Midfielders (CMs) in EA FC 24 Career Mode

Jamal Musiala (86 Overall, 93 Potential) - Bayern Munich, 20 years old

Jamal Musiala is a versatile midfielder who excels in an advanced number 10 role but can also play deeper. His standout attributes include:

Speed (85): Excellent for quick transitions and counter-attacks.

Dribbling (91): Allows him to maneuver through tight spaces and take on defenders.

Shooting (75) and Passing (76): Solid for creating and converting chances.

Physicality (61): While not the strongest, his 6-foot frame helps in winning aerial duels.

Florian Wirtz (85 Overall, 91 Potential) - Bayer Leverkusen, 20 years old

Florian Wirtz is a budding star known for his playmaking abilities:

Passing (83) and Dribbling (87): Ideal for creating opportunities and maintaining possession.

Shooting (76): Capable of scoring from distance.

Physicality (63) and Defense (52): Needs improvement, but his attacking prowess compensates for these weaknesses.

Jude Bellingham (86 Overall, 91 Potential) - Real Madrid, 20 years old

Jude Bellingham is an all-rounder, making him one of the best box-to-box midfielders:

Dribbling (85) and Physicality (82): Strong in holding the ball and winning physical battles.

Defensive Skills (78) and Passing (79): Effective in both defensive and attacking roles.

Overall Balanced Stats: None below 75, highlighting his versatility and consistency.

Gavi (83 Overall, 90 Potential) - FC Barcelona, 18 years old

Gavi is a young talent already making an impact at Barcelona:

Dribbling (85) and Passing (78): Excellent for controlling the game and distributing the ball.

Pace (76): Good for quick movements and transitions.

Defensive Skills (68) and Physicality (70): Decent but require further development.

Gabri Veiga (78 Overall, 89 Potential) - Al Ahli Jeddah, 21 years old

Gabri Veiga is an under-the-radar talent with significant potential:

Dribbling (78) and Shooting (77): Suitable for an attacking midfield role.

Passing (72): Needs improvement to excel as a CM.

Affordability: Cheaper option has high potential, making him a worthwhile investment.

Eduardo Camavinga (82 Overall, 89 Potential) - Real Madrid, 20 years old

Eduardo Camavinga is known for his defensive prowess:

Defensive Skills (76) and Physicality (80): Strong in breaking up play and winning duels.

Pace (79) and Dribbling (82): Adds dynamism to his defensive game.

Passing (80): Effective in initiating attacks from deep.

Warren Zaïre-Emery (75 Overall, 88 Potential) - Paris Saint Germain, 17 years old

Warren Zaïre-Emery is PSG's young midfield maestro:

Dribbling (75) and Pace (75): Shows promise in tight spaces and transitions.

Passing (71): Good but can be improved.

Physicality (71) and Defensive Skills (69): Require development but show a strong foundation for future growth.

Arda Güler (77 Overall, 88 Potential) - Real Madrid, 18 years old

Arda Güler is a creative midfielder with high potential:

Dribbling (81) and Passing (80): Excellent for creating and maintaining attacks.

Pace (72) and Shooting (70): Decent, adding to his offensive capabilities.

Physicality (50): Needs significant improvement to excel at higher levels.


These young central midfielders have the potential to become superstars in EA FC 24 Career Mode. Investing in their development can pay off greatly as they grow into key players for your team. Each player brings unique strengths, whether it's Musiala's agility, Bellingham's all-around prowess, or Gavi's playmaking skills. By nurturing their talents and improving their weaknesses, you can build a formidable midfield that will dominate matches and secure victories.

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