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EA Sports FC 24: Leonardo Bonucci End of an Era SBC

Jul-03-2024 PST FC 24

In the realm of virtual football, few things generate as much excitement as the introduction of a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in EA Sports FC 24. The latest buzz revolves around the Leonardo Bonucci End of an Era SBC, which is now live, offering a unique opportunity for players to add a truly special item to their Ultimate Team. This SBC honors the impeccable career of Leonardo Bonucci, a stalwart defender who has made significant contributions to both his club and country. Here's an in-depth look at what this SBC entails and how you can complete it efficiently.

EA Sports FC 24: Leonardo Bonucci End of an Era SBC

A Fitting Tribute to Bonucci’s Career

Leonardo Bonucci's career has been nothing short of extraordinary. Known for his defensive prowess, leadership, and tactical intelligence, Bonucci has been a cornerstone for teams like Juventus and the Italian national squad. His contributions have earned him numerous accolades, including league titles and a European Championship. The End of an Era SBC is a fitting tribute to his legacy, encapsulating his journey in a card that stands out in EA FC 24.

SBC Tasks and Requirements

The Leonardo Bonucci End of an Era SBC consists of two tasks, each with specific conditions that must be met. These tasks are designed to test your squad-building skills while ensuring the challenge remains accessible to all players.

Task 1 – Italy

Min. 1 Player from Italy

Min. Team Rating: 86

Task 2 – 87-Rated Squad

Min. Team Rating: 87

Notably, neither task requires the use of Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) items, which significantly lowers the completion cost.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While the SBC is reasonably priced due to the straightforward requirements, it’s always beneficial to aim for the most cost-effective solutions. Here are the suggested players for each task:

Task 1 – Italy

Ilkay Gundogan (86)

Gabriel Megalhaes (84)

Bella Bixby (84)

Enzo Fernandez (83)

Jack Grealish (85)

Koke (84)

Dabritz (84)

Lucas Hernandez (84)

Koen Casteels (84)

Bernardo Silva (88)

Romelu Lukaku (84)

Task 2 – 87-Rated Squad

Fabinho (84)

Wendie Renard (88)

Bernardo Silva (88)

Koen Casteels (84)

Bruno Fernandes (88)

Christina Endler (88)

Alexandra Popp (88)

Stanislav Lobotka (84)

Lena Oberdorf (87)

Martin Odegaard (87)

Laura Freigang (83)

By utilizing these players, you can complete the SBC without breaking the bank, thereby conserving your in-game resources for future challenges.

The Rewards: A Closer Look at Bonucci’s Card

The primary reward for completing the Leonardo Bonucci End of an Era SBC is a 96-rated Center Back (CB) item. This card is not only high-rated but also boasts several impressive attributes that make it a formidable addition to any team. Here’s why this card stands out:

Key Attributes

Playstyle+: The card offers four Playstyle+ attributes, enhancing Bonucci’s performance in specific scenarios.

Defensive Mastery: It includes all six defensive playstyles, ensuring Bonucci is an absolute rock in defense.

Versatility: While the low chemistry might be a concern for some squads, Bonucci’s card can still perform exceptionally well as a super-sub off the bench.

Chemistry Considerations

Fitting Bonucci into your squad might pose some challenges due to chemistry constraints. However, his superior stats and defensive capabilities make him worth the effort. Here are a few tips to maximize his potential:

1.Position Links: Pair Bonucci with other Italian players or teammates from the same league to boost chemistry.

2.Manager Boost: Select a manager who shares nationality or league with Bonucci to further enhance chemistry.

3.Formation Flexibility: Experiment with different formations to find the optimal setup that accommodates Bonucci’s card.

Why You Should Complete This SBC

For Beginners

Value for Resources: The Bonucci SBC provides a high-value card at a relatively low cost, making it a wise investment for newcomers.

Immediate Impact: Bonucci’s card can immediately strengthen your defense, giving you an edge in matches.

For Veterans

Collectible Worth: Experienced players often seek unique and high-rated cards to bolster their collection, and Bonucci’s End of an Era card is a prestigious addition.

Strategic Advantage: Utilizing Bonucci as a super-sub can provide a strategic advantage, especially in tight matches where defensive solidity is crucial.


The Leonardo Bonucci End of an Era SBC in EA Sports FC 24 is more than just a challenge; it’s a celebration of a legendary defender’s illustrious career. By completing this SBC, you not only honor Bonucci’s contributions to football but also enhance your Ultimate Team with a remarkable defensive asset. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this SBC offers valuable rewards, more FC 24 Coins and player cards that can elevate your gameplay experience.

So, dive into the challenge, assemble your squads, and add Leonardo Bonucci to your team before the SBC expires. It’s an opportunity to relive the legacy of one of football’s greats and solidify your defense with a card that embodies excellence and resilience.

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