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EA Sports FC 24: Top Five Players by Position

Jul-04-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 has brought a fresh wave of excitement with its detailed and realistic gameplay. To master the game, it's crucial to know the best players for each position. This guide ranks the top five players in every position, evaluated based on performance in the elite division, insights from pro players, usage in FC Pro, and detailed analysis of play styles and in-game stats.

EA Sports FC 24: Top Five Players by Position


Goalkeepers are the backbone of any team, and choosing the right one can make a huge difference in your defense. Here's a look at the top five goalkeepers in FC 24:

1.Team of the Year Icon Petr Čech: Standing tall with a reputation for making incredible saves, Čech is not only a chemistry booster but also available through SBC, saving you coins.

2.Team of the Season Gianluigi Donnarumma: At 6'5", Donnarumma boasts exceptional play styles and top-notch stats, making him a formidable presence for just 60,000 coins.

3.FUT Birthday Edwin van der Sar: A legend from the previous FIFA, Van der Sar combines height (6'5") with affordability (29,000 coins) and the all-important icon chemistry boost.

4.Team of the Year Alisson: Cheaper and taller than Casas, Alisson's only drawback is his distribution, but his overall stats and height make him a solid choice.

5.Thunderstruck Nicolás Casase: At 6'1", Casase is pricey at 360,000 coins but makes the list due to the limited options in usable goalkeepers.

Left Backs

When selecting a left back, pace and passing are key attributes. Here are the top five left backs in FC 24:

1.Fantasy FUT Ferland Mendy: Despite the high cost (3.7 million coins), Mendy is unmatched in his position with exceptional pace and play styles.

2.Team of the Season Alphonso Davies: Boasting 99 Pace and 99 Dribbling, Davies is a pace demon, though his Canadian nationality makes chemistry tricky.

3.Icon Roberto Carlos: Strong with excellent passing, Carlos features the Long Ball Pass play style, crucial for switching the play effectively.

4.Fantasy FUT Bomb Pastore: Great defensive stats and passing make her a solid option, though her height (5'4") can be a disadvantage against aerial play.

5.SBC Roo She: Versatile and capable of playing multiple positions, Roo She has exceptional passing abilities, fitting balls through tight spaces with ease.

Center Backs

Center backs need to be tall and dominant in aerial duels. Here are the best center backs in FC 24:

1.Team of the Season Virgil van Dijk: The epitome of a center back, Van Dijk's presence on the field is unmatched, though his high price makes him a rare sight.

2.Fantasy FUT Bixente Lizarazu: Known for his physicality, Lizarazu is surprisingly affordable at 700,000 FC 24 coins, offering incredible defensive prowess.

3.Team of the Season Sergio Ramos: Ramos stands out with his Long Ball Pass play style, reminiscent of Hullet's smooth passing from the back.

4.Team of the Season Moments Renard: Exceptional defensive stats but limited passing and dribbling abilities, making her a reliable but somewhat restricted choice.

5.Team of the Season Ibrahima Konaté: Tall and strong, Konaté is a bargain at 500,000 coins, providing solid defense despite a slight lack of pace.

Right Backs

Right backs need to combine speed with effective passing. Here's a look at the best right backs in FC 24:

1.Team of the Season Achraf Hakimi: Fast and versatile, Hakimi ticks all the boxes for a right back, though chemistry can be a challenge.

2.Icon Cafu: Favored by pro players for his balanced stats and good shooting, making him a top choice for right back.

3.SBC Ona Batlle: Affordable and well-rounded, Batlle features multiple play styles and is a great budget option at 600,000 coins.

4.Team of the Season João Cancelo: Versatile with good passing, Cancelo can fill multiple roles on the pitch, though his penalty stats are lacking.

5.Road to the Finals Joshua Kimmich: Known for his Long Ball Pass play style, Kimmich excels at lofted passes, setting up easy goals.

Left Midfielders/Wingers

Wingers need to be fast and skilled. Here are the top five left midfielders/wingers:

1.Team of the Season Vinícius Jr.: Combining speed and skill, Vinícius Jr. is a missile on the field, providing a constant attacking threat.

2.Team of the Season Phil Foden: With exceptional attacking stats and the Technical play style, Foden is a creative force on the wing.

3.Team of the Year Icon George Best: Versatile and smooth, Best can play multiple positions, though his height limits his effectiveness in aerial duels.

4.Fantasy FUT Federico Chiesa: Fast with excellent shooting, Chiesa is a reliable choice for outside-the-box shots.

5.Team of the Season Fara Williams: Exceptional stats across the board make Williams a strong choice, particularly for her defensive contributions as a box-to-box midfielder.

Central Midfielders

Central midfielders need to be quick and have excellent passing abilities. Here are the top five central midfielders:

1.Team of the Season Jude Bellingham: An all-around beast, Bellingham is unparalleled in midfield, offering both defensive and attacking prowess.

2.Team of the Season Alexia Putellas: With 97 passing and 96 shooting, Putellas excels as a box-to-box midfielder, offering a balanced mix of offense and defense.

3.Team of the Season Kevin De Bruyne: A complete midfielder with exceptional passing and shooting, De Bruyne is a go-to for creating plays.

4.Team of the Season Lionel Messi: Surprisingly effective as a central attacking midfielder, Messi’s Technical play style and passing make him a top choice.

5.Road to The Knockouts Toni Kroos: Utilized by many pro players, Kroos features essential play styles like Long Ball Pass and Anticipate, making him a strong midfield presence.

Right Midfielders/Wingers

Right wingers need pace and technical skills. Here are the top five right midfielders/wingers:

1.Team of the Season Ousmane Dembélé: With 99 Pace and Five Star skills, Dembélé is the top choice, though his high price reflects his value.

2.Team of the Season Caroline Hansen: Hansen’s gold card was highly coveted, and her 97 rating continues her dominance on the wing.

3.Team of the Season Bukayo Saka: Despite lacking Five Star skills, Saka’s attacking stats make him a reliable winger.

4.Team of the Season Cole Palmer: A solid winger, Palmer is a slightly inferior version of Phil Foden but still effective on the right side.

5.Fantasy FUT Raphinha: Fast and skilled, Raphinha offers excellent value at 800,000 coins with his Technical and Quickstep play styles.


Strikers need speed, skill, and the ability to dominate aerial duels. Here are the top five strikers in FC 24:

1.Team of the Season Kylian Mbappé: Unmatched in speed and skill, Mbappé is the best striker, though his price keeps him out of reach for many players.

2.Team of the Season Didier Drogba: Dominant in the air and a constant threat, Drogba is a nightmare for defenders.

3.Team of the Season Alexander Sørloth: A surprising but effective choice, Sørloth excels in the aerial meta, offering great value at 70,000 coins.

4.Icon Ronaldo (R9): Always a top choice, R9 combines speed and skill, though his height can be a slight disadvantage in aerial battles.

5.Team of the Season Marie-Antoinette Katoto: Fast and lethal, Katoto is a formidable striker, offering excellent pace and finishing abilities.

These rankings reflect the best players in each position based on thorough analysis and insights from pro players. Mastering these players can significantly enhance your FC 24 experience, helping you dominate your opponents and climb the ranks.

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