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EA Sports FC 25: Release Date, Features and others

Jul-02-2024 PST FC 25

After two decades of partnership, EA Sports and FIFA went their separate ways, leading to the rebranding of the popular FIFA series as EA Sports FC. The first installment under this new name, EA Sports FC 24, successfully carried forward the legacy of its predecessor, remaining one of the top-selling games globally. As we look ahead to EA Sports FC 25, there are several key details and expectations based on past patterns and industry trends. Here's what we know so far.

EA Sports FC 25: Release Date, Features and others

Release Date

EA Sports FC 25 is expected to follow the traditional release schedule of its predecessors. Historically, the game launches on the last Tuesday of September. If this pattern continues, fans can mark their calendars for September 24, 2024. However, those with EA Play subscriptions or who purchase certain editions of the game might get access earlier. Pre-orders or deluxe editions often come with a preview window, potentially allowing early play as soon as September 17 or during a preview weekend starting September 20.


While official pricing details for EA Sports FC 25 have not been released, we can anticipate the continuation of the pricing structure seen in previous years. Typically, there are two editions at launch: a standard edition priced around $69.99, and a deluxe edition, possibly branded as "Champions" or "Ultimate," priced at $99.99. The deluxe edition usually includes benefits such as early access, a set amount of FC points (the in-game currency for Ultimate Team), and other exclusive content.


EA Sports FC 25 will primarily target PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X as its lead platforms. Notably, Nintendo Switch players saw a significant update with EA Sports FC 24, receiving a current edition of the game for the first time since 2018. Although the Switch version lacked some advanced features like Hypermotion V and AcceleRATE 2.0 found on other platforms, it represented a substantial improvement over previous "legacy" editions.

Cross-platform multiplayer was introduced for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers in EA Sports FC 24, a feature that Switch players missed out on. It remains to be seen whether this functionality will be extended to the Switch in EA Sports FC 25. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to continue receiving versions that do not include the latest technological advancements.

First Trailer and Marketing

The marketing cadence for EA Sports FC games typically involves a teaser trailer drop in late June or early to mid-July, followed by an official announcement trailer and subsequent previews. For instance, EA Sports FC 24's announcement trailer was released on July 10, 2023, with previews starting on July 18. Given these trends, we can expect similar timing for EA Sports FC 25. However, the UEFA Euro 2024 championship, concluding on July 14, might slightly adjust this schedule.

New Features and Improvements

Predicting specific new features or improvements for EA Sports FC 25 is challenging, as EA Sports Vancouver keeps a tight lid on such details until closer to release. Nonetheless, certain trends and rumors offer some insights.

EA Sports FC 24 continued to build on the HyperMotion technology, introduced in FIFA 22, which uses real-life match data to enhance player movements and gameplay authenticity. This technology gathers data from cameras placed at matches, primarily in Spanish and English professional leagues, for both men's and women's soccer. EA Sports FC 25 is expected to further refine and expand this technology.

Rumors suggest potential tweaks to set-piece gameplay, particularly corner kick mechanisms. While this is a common area of annual improvement, EA Sports is likely planning more substantial additions to keep the game fresh and engaging.

Licensing is another critical aspect, with new clubs and leagues regularly being added. There are whispers that AS Roma might return to EA Sports FC 25 after eFootball included a placeholder logo for the club, hinting at a potential end to their exclusive partnership. Last year, EA Sports FC 24 secured the Ballon d'Or license, adding another layer of authenticity and prestige to the game.

Special Editions

Special editions are a staple of the EA Sports FC series, primarily driven by the lucrative Ultimate Team mode, which generates substantial revenue through microtransactions. These editions often come with bonus in-game currency, card packs, and other digital content, providing added value for players willing to pay a premium. Early access is another significant incentive tied to these editions. While specific details for EA Sports FC 25's special editions are not yet available, they are almost certain to follow this familiar and successful formula.

Final Thought

As the release of EA Sports FC 25 approaches, fans can expect a continuation of the franchise's well-established patterns, with some exciting new additions and improvements. The game will likely launch on September 24, 2024, with early access available for certain editions. Pricing is expected to remain consistent with previous years, and the game will be available on major platforms, including a more supported Nintendo Switch version.

With ongoing refinements to gameplay technology and potential new licenses and clubs, EA Sports FC 25 promises to deliver another engaging and authentic soccer experience. MMOexp has also prepared cheap FC 25 Coins and FUT 25 Coins services for players 24 hours a day. Keep an eye out for the first trailers and detailed announcements in the coming months, as EA Sports builds anticipation for its latest installment in this beloved series.

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