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Elden Ring: A Guide to the Dragon Communion Build

Apr-28-2024 PST Elden Ring

The Dragon Communion build in Elden Ring offers a unique and powerful playstyle centered around harnessing the primal might of dragon incantations. As a Vagabond class, you have the flexibility to wield a variety of weapons and adapt your combat style to suit your preferences. With your current stat allocation and progress in the game, let's explore some effective weapon choices and strategies to maximize the potential of your Dragon Communion build.

Elden Ring: A Guide to the Dragon Communion Build

Weapon Selection

1, Eleanora's Poleblade: This versatile weapon excels in both bleed and fire damage, making it a potent choice for your build. With its innate bleed effect and split fire damage, Eleanora's Poleblade can wreak havoc on enemies, especially when paired with Ash of War enhancements like Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength. Utilize its stance breaks to control the battlefield and unleash devastating combos on your foes.

2, Dual Curved Swords: For a swift and aggressive playstyle, dual curved swords infused with bleed affinity offer rapid attacks that can quickly inflict bleed status on enemies. This setup provides excellent crowd control and allows you to apply pressure to multiple targets simultaneously. Experiment with different combos to find the most effective combinations for dispatching your adversaries.

3, Uchigatana: Infused with Occult and paired with the unsheathe Ash of War, the Uchigatana becomes a formidable weapon capable of dealing significant physical damage. Its quick strikes and stance-breaking capabilities make it a versatile choice for engaging both single enemies and groups. Consider wielding the Uchigatana alongside RoB (Rune of Blood) in your off-hand to augment your damage output further.

Additional Weapon Options

If you're inclined towards strength-based weapons, the occult-infused Flamberge presents an excellent choice. With its high physical damage and bleeding effects scaling off of Arcane, the Flamberge offers a devastating combination of power and utility. Experiment with different weapon combinations to find the ones that best complement your playstyle and preferences.

Combat Strategy

As a Dragon Communion build, your combat strategy revolves around unleashing the fury of dragon incantations while wielding weapons that capitalize on bleed and fire damage. Prioritize applying bleed and fire effects to your enemies to exploit their weaknesses and maximize your damage output. Utilize the unique properties of each weapon to control the battlefield, staggering foes with powerful strikes and combos.

Continued Progression

As you progress through the Royal Capital and beyond, continue to refine your build by acquiring new weapons, Ash of War enhancements, and incantations that synergize with your Dragon Communion playstyle. Experiment with different tactics and adapt to the challenges you face, evolving your build to overcome even the most formidable adversaries that stand in your path.

In conclusion, the Dragon Communion build offers a thrilling and dynamic gameplay experience in Elden Ring, allowing you to channel the primal power of dragons into devastating attacks and awe-inspiring combat maneuvers. With the right weapons, strategy, and determination, you'll carve a legend worthy of the dragon's legacy and emerge victorious in the face of any challenge that confronts you. And the Dragon Communion build you need a lot of cheap Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items, mmoexp provide all the time and instock always.

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