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Elden Ring: Defeat the Mighty Tarnished

Jul-05-2024 PST Elden Ring

The Cracks are home to a host of fearsome foes, each more terrifying than the last. Among these monsters is the Tarnished, a massive, fire-breathing dragon that guards the skies above the Dragon Mound. Taking down this powerful beast is no easy task, but with the right strategy and technique, even the most seasoned Tarnished can emerge victorious.

Elden Ring: Defeat the Mighty Tarnished

The Tarnished's arsenal of attacks may seem unstoppable at first, but by understanding and mastering its moves, you can turn the tide of battle. Let's dive into the key moves you need to take down this formidable foe.

Spin Bite:

The Tarnished's primary attack is its devastating Spin Bite. This move causes the dragon to lunge forward, with its massive jaws snapping with tremendous force. To avoid this attack, time your throws carefully and duck just as the dragon's head reaches its apex. Staying at a medium distance can also help you create space to react accordingly.


When the Tarnished lands, it will often perform a powerful Trample attack. This earth-shattering blow can cover a fairly large area, so be prepared to quickly roll or jump out of the way. Pay close attention to the dragon's upper body movements and the position of its massive feet to anticipate this move.

Aerial Firestorm:

A Sawtooth Dragon takes to the air and can unleash a barrage of fireballs in a wide arc. This devastating ranged attack is difficult to avoid, so your best bet is to quickly find cover or get some distance from the dragon. Alternatively, you can time your throws to slip through the gaps in the firestorm.

Aerial Dive:

A Sawtooth Dragon swoops down from above, trying to knock you out with a powerful aerial dive attack. As the dragon descends, watch for a noticeable upward spin and be ready to roll or dodge. Positioning yourself near a cliff or ledge will allow you to punish the dragon's dive misses with one or two well-placed attacks.

Fire Breath:

One of the Sawtooth Dragon's most iconic attacks is its searing fire breath. Be prepared to dash to the side or find cover as the dragon backs off and begins to build up its energy. The stream of flame can cover a fairly large area, so positioning is key to avoiding this searing attack.

Wing Attack:

When a Sawtooth Dragon lands, it may lash out with a powerful Wing Attack. This wide-ranging, sweeping attack may catch you off guard, so be prepared to roll or jump to safety. Staying at a medium distance will give you enough time and space to react appropriately.


In a display of its draconic power, a Sawtooth Dragon can summon lightning to strike the ground around you. Keep an eye on the sky and be ready to duck when you see sparks begin to crackle. Staying mobile and unpredictable can help you dodge this shocking attack.

By mastering these key tactics, you'll be well on your way to defeating a Sawtooth Dragon. Remember that patience and adaptability are essential—each battle presents unique challenges, so be prepared to adjust your approach as needed.

When you engage a Sawtooth Dragon, focus on learning its patterns and signs. Bid for your moment, wait for your opportunity, and punish the dragon's attacks with well-timed strikes. Use the terrain to your advantage, whether it's taking cover or ambushing from a height.

Perseverance and a keen eye will be your strongest allies in this battle. With each attempt, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Sawtooth's moves, and eventually, you will be able to face this gigantic foe with confidence and skill.

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