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Elden Ring: Equip Load Tied to Endurance Instead of Strength

Jun-07-2024 PST Elden Ring

Today, we're going to dive into a hot topic: the decision to align gear builds with stamina instead of strength. This change has sparked a lot of discussion and disagreement. Let's explore why this happened and what it means for players who spend Elden Ring Runes on powerful gear that doesn't work. Let's explore.

Elden Ring: Equip Load Tied to Endurance Instead of Strength

The Strength and Endurance Debate

Historical Context

In previous games, equip load was often tied to strength. This made sense because:

1. Strength Builds: Strength builds typically use heavier weapons and armor, necessitating a higher equip load.

2. Single Stat Focus: Investing in strength alone provided both offensive power and the ability to carry heavy gear, making strength builds more streamlined.

The Change to Endurance

With the new update, equip load is now tied to endurance. Here’s why this could be a strategic move:

1. Balanced Builds: By tying equip load to endurance, the developers encourage more balanced stat distribution. Players can't simply max out strength for both damage and equip load benefits.

2. Endurance Investment: This change forces players to invest in endurance, which impacts stamina and equip load, adding another layer of decision-making.

Why the Change Makes Sense

Avoiding Overpowered Strength Builds

The primary reason behind this change could be to prevent strength builds from becoming too powerful:

1. Stat Efficiency: Strength builds that previously invested in strength for both damage and equip load were highly efficient. This could lead to an imbalance where strength builds had a significant advantage over other builds.

2. Build Diversity: By requiring endurance investment for higher equip loads, players are more likely to create diverse and varied builds.

Reflecting on Dark Souls Mechanics

This change harks back to mechanics seen in earlier games like Dark Souls 1, where:

1. Endurance and Equip Load: Tying equip load to endurance adds depth to character builds, similar to how Dark Souls 1 handled the stat.

2. Sacrifices and Gains: Players must make sacrifices in other stats (like strength or dexterity) to gain benefits in endurance, leading to more thoughtful and strategic builds.

Impact on Different Builds

Strength Builds

Strength builds now need to balance between strength and endurance:

1. Heavy Weapons and Armor: Players can still use heavy weapons and armor, but they must invest in endurance to handle the equip load.

2. Strategic Choices: This creates a more strategic approach, where players need to consider their stamina and overall build efficiency.

Dexterity Builds

Dexterity builds benefit from this change:

1. Armor Flexibility: Dexterity builds can now invest in endurance to wear heavier armor without needing to invest in strength.

2. Balanced Investment: This allows for more balanced builds, where dexterity and endurance can work together without forcing players into a hybrid strength-dexterity build.

Theoretical vs. Practical Application


In theory, this change aims to balance the game by:

1. Encouraging Diverse Builds: Promoting a wider range of viable builds by requiring endurance investment for higher equip loads.

2. Preventing Meta Dominance: Ensuring that no single build type (like pure strength builds) becomes overwhelmingly dominant.

Practical Experience

Since we haven’t had extensive hands-on experience with the game yet, these are the expected outcomes. Practical playtesting will ultimately reveal:

1. True Balance: Whether the change truly balances different build types.

2. Community Feedback: Player feedback will be crucial in determining if the endurance tie-in achieves its intended goals.


Tying equip load to endurance instead of strength is a strategic decision aimed at promoting build diversity and balance. While it makes theoretical sense, the true impact will become clear through practical gameplay. This change encourages players to think more strategically about their builds, ensuring a richer and more varied gameplay experience.

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