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Elden Ring Guide: How to Deplete Bosses Health Bars using Overpowered Weapons

Apr-02-2024 PST Elden Ring

If there is any game that took the gaming industry by storm, it has to be the 2022 role-playing game, Elden Ring. The biggest selling point of Elden Ring was its bosses that tested the gameplay skills of players to their extent. Developers made sure that players have a large boss waiting for them at every corner of the game. Even the first boss in the game, the tree sentinel was enough to scare players. This is why, players are looking for Elden Ring: Most Overpowered Weapon to defeat these high-level bosses with ease. We have our list of the best weapons that easily deplete the health bar of bosses in no time. Some of these weapons can deal so much damage that even the end-game bosses won’t feel like much.

Elden Ring Guide: How to Deplete Bosses Health Bars using Overpowered Weapons

1.Blasphemous Blade

It is a non-bleeding sword but is still the strongest weapon in the entire Elden Ring. It can be scaled with strength, dexterity, and faith. If you want to fight with a high-level boss, this sword is for you as it features a life steal. The main skill of this weapon is the taker’s flame. This skill will coat the sword with flames when you slam it in the ground. This will send a wave of flames towards enemies to deal damage. The stat requirements to get this sword in Elden Ring are twenty-two strength, twenty-one faith, and fifteen dexterity. To get this sword, you need to first defeat the Rykard. Afterward, you can go to the Roundtable hold and trade the Remembrance of the Blasphemous there.


This is the second sword in our list that you can get by finding a carriage on the northwest side of the Caelem Ruins site of Grace. This is a pretty big sword and can deal a lot of damage to enemy bosses. After recent updates to the Elden Ring, the attacking speed of this sword is also increased. You'll need good strength and proper attack timing to do wonders with this sword. You can combine it with the ash of war to make it even more dangerous for bosses with big health bars. For added damage, combine it with Lion’s claw. Combine it with gravitas or waves of darkness for extra area of effect damage.


Moonveil is a katana that is known for its ashes of war. It features the best ashes of war in the entire Elden Ring. When you sheath this sword, it will give some rapid slashes and each slash will release waves of light. It also comes packed with good dexterity, intelligence, and strength. The best thing about the main weapon skill of this sword is that it uses little FP. This means that you can use this weapon skill as many times as you want without worrying about FP regeneration. If you can create combos, this sword will also cause bleeding damage to enemies. To get Moonveil, you have to go to the Gael tunnel and defeat the Magma Wyrm there.

4.Giant Crusher

The sheer size of this hammer in Elden Ring will tell you the story that how powerful it is. Picking up this giant crusher will be a problem so you need to put some extra points in the strength category. For all the small enemies in Elden Ring, you can kill them with just one hit of this giant hammer. When it comes to bosses, you need to pair it with a good build and some jump attacks. You have to time your swings with this hammer to get the most out of it. It features the highest AR in the entire Elden Ring. To get the giant crusher, you have to go to the south of the outer wall phantom tree site of Grace. You can find this hammer in the back of a carriage. The only stat requirement to get the giant crusher is sixty strength because of the weight of this hammer.

5.Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Behold to get your hands on the spear of Mohg. Mohg can commune with outer gods using this sacred spear so there must be something fascinating about it. The spear itself is quite good for piercing enemies but you can further add ash of war to it. This will create an area of effect around your character dealing damage to nearby enemies. You can also spread blood in the arena by throwing the spear upwards. Buff the spear by coating it with the blood of enemies. The main weapon skill of this spear is the Blood boon ritual. Mohg is the lord of blood and you have to defeat him to get this sacred spear. You also need the Lord of Blood’s remembrance for this purpose. Stat requirements to get this spear are twenty-seven arcane, fourteen dexterity, and twenty-four strength.

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