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Exciting Balance Changes in New World Season 4

Jan-03-2024 PST New World
In a recent interview, Creative Director David Verfaillie shared valuable insights and plans for the Season 4 balance changes in New World. As players eagerly await the post-Eternal Frost release, Verfaillie shed light on the ongoing efforts to refine PvP and PvE balance, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the game and enticing players to return to the captivating world of Aeternum.

Exciting Balance Changes in New World Season 4

Eternal Frost Expansion Overview

The highly anticipated Eternal Frost expansion introduces a thrilling Level 65 Expedition located in Aeternum's Great Cleave, as part of the larger "Rise of the Angry Earth" expansion. Players embark on a quest to confront Varangian Knight Ser Loth in a frozen complex, utilizing the magical powers of the Empyrean Flame to counter his icy abilities. This expansion also introduces 8 new Artifacts, each with its own unique quests, and unveils exciting seasonal events like the Winter Convergence Festival and Legacy of Crassus. A Season Pass is available, offering players a new Season Journey, Activity Card, Challenges, and a plethora of rewards, including enticing cosmetics and valuable consumables, which together with the New World Coins provided by MMOexp enrich the game experience.

Overall PvP Balance

Verfaillie expressed satisfaction with the significant progress made in PvP balance since the intentional disruptions introduced in Season 3. While the game edges closer to optimal balance, there are still challenges to address, such as the issue of pre-made groups in OPR (Outpost Rush) and the occasional uneven team compositions that can affect gameplay fairness.

Arena Balance

The Arena, according to Verfaillie, demonstrates commendable build diversity, with a healthy mix of weapon choices. While certain weapons, like the Blunderbuss, attract attention, the meta showcases a balanced variety of builds including the Life Staff, Sword and Shield, Fire Staff, and Ice Gauntlet. However, there is a need for greater diversity in ranged builds in OPR to ensure a more dynamic and engaging experience.

PvE Dominance and Diversity

Verfaillie delved into the PvE landscape, acknowledging the continued dominance of melee builds. Nonetheless, he noted a noticeable increase in the usage of Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet at lower levels, contributing to improved build diversity. The Great Sword remains popular as the primary mainhand DPS weapon, but there is a growing trend towards greater offhand diversity among players.

Artifact Changes

During the interview, two significant artifact changes were revealed. Pestilence, which is associated with the potent Blunderbuss, will undergo an adjustment that reduces its outgoing healing, aligning it with other disease-type weapons. Additionally, Koya's KNE Guards, designed to counter ranged damage, will receive a buff to enhance their viability in specific scenarios, providing players with more tactical options.

Weapon Buffs and Nerfs

Verfaillie provided insights into the upcoming buffs and nerfs for key weapons. The Bow and Musket will receive PvE damage buffs to enhance their competitiveness, but their PvP damage will be reduced to maintain a balanced environment. Adjustments to the Fire Staff have been devised to address concerns about certain abilities being perceived as oppressive, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for all players.

Exciting news awaits Void Gauntlet enthusiasts, as both the light and heavy attacks of the Void Blade will receive increased damage, granting players a more satisfying combat experience.

Equip Loads

Verfaillie acknowledged the crucial role of equip loads in shaping playstyles. While light equip load excellently caters to ranged builds, concerns about melee-focused assassin builds have prompted considerations for enhancements. The medium equip load currently faces an identity crisis, and a proposed adjustment to dodging costs in heavy loads aims to encourage more diverse playstyles, allowing players to explore different strategies with varying equip loads.

MMOexp New World Team