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Exciting New Skill Moves in FC 24: A Comprehensive Guide

Sep-21-2023 PST FC 24

Welcome back, FIFA fans! In this article, we'll delve into the exciting new skill moves coming to FC 24. As you know, EA Sports introduces fresh skill moves to the game every year, and this year is no exception. Get ready to learn about some fancy and amazing skill moves that will add flair to your gameplay. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Skill Move 1: Ball Roll Drag

The first skill move we'll discuss is the Ball Roll Drag. This move has great potential as it involves a quick shuffle of the ball on the player's foot, starting with a ball roll and then dragging the ball to the other foot. The Ball Roll Drag can be used to set up shots and create space in tight situations. Players with a 4-star skill rating or above can perform this move.

To execute the Ball Roll Drag on PlayStation, hold L1 and flick the right stick forward, then to the left or right of the player. On Xbox, hold LB and flick the right stick forward, then to the left or right. The control for this skill move is similar to the McGeady Spin already present in the game, but with the addition of holding L1 or LB to activate the Ball Roll Drag. Give this skill move a try and witness its effectiveness, especially before the first update patch.

Skill Move 2: Drag Back

The Drag Back is another useful skill move, allowing you to quickly drag the ball to the back of your player and progress without having to stop or wait for a long animation. This move is also rated with four stars. It's particularly handy when you have your attacker back to the goal and want to create space for a shot. You can perform the Drag Back by holding L2 and then holding the back direction of the right stick on PlayStation. On Xbox, hold LT and then hold the right stick back.

Skill Move 3: Flair Nutmeg

For lovers of nutmeg animations, FC 24 introduces a new and flashy skill move called the Flair Nutmeg. You may have seen this move in the trailer or deep dive videos, where your player hops on the ball, makes a little turn, and nutmegs the opponent in front. This move requires a player to have a 4-star skill rating or above. To perform the Flair Nutmeg on PlayStation, hold L1 and R1, then flick the right stick in the direction you want to nutmeg. On Xbox, hold LB and RB.Note: Make sure there is an opponent player in front of you; otherwise, you'll simply push the ball forward.

Skill Move 4: Flair Rainbow Flick

The Flair Rainbow Flick is an exclusive five-star skill move that can be performed by players like Neymar, Mbappe, and Ronaldinho. To execute this move, hold L1 and flick the right stick backward, then forward on PlayStation. On Xbox, hold LB and flick the right stick backward, then forward. The control for this move is similar to the pre-existing rainbow flick, but with the added element of holding L1 or LB. The Flair Rainbow Flick is visually stunning and will surely add an extra touch of style to your gameplay.

Additional Skill Moves and Playstyles

In FC 24, there will be new skill move animations exclusive to players with the Trickster playstyle. These players may perform the rainbow flick differently, adding more fancy touches. Playstyles will play a more active role in the overall performance of players, similar to player traits in previous versions of the game.

A comprehensive guide to the exciting new skill moves in FC 24. These skill moves will enhance your gameplay and provide an opportunity for creative and stylish plays. Remember to practice these moves and adapt them to different in-game situations. If you want to learn more about EA FC 24 and buy FC 24 coins, follow MMOexp.com.