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Explore Limgrave and progress in the world of Elden Ring

Jun-11-2024 PST Elden Ring

You've just started your Elden Ring journey. After a fascinating introduction and most likely being defeated by the first boss (don't worry, it's part of the experience), you'll enter the vast open world of Limgrave. If you can't master the fighting skills, the early stages of the game may not be very friendly to you, but now the MMOexp platform provides you with preferential Elden Ring Runes, which you can use to exchange for powerful equipment and strengthen your character, helping you quickly overcome the weak period. The following guide can help you get started and ensure that you are on the right path forward.

Explore Limgrave and progress in the world of Elden Ring

Starting Out: Meeting Your First NPC

As you step into the world, you’ll encounter an NPC who informs you that you’re Tarnished and maidenless. While this might sound disheartening, don’t let it get you down. You’re just at the beginning of your epic adventure.

Understanding the Grace and Map

Grace Points

Grace points are your primary guides in Elden Ring:

· Activate Grace Points: Sit at these locations to rest and save your progress.

· Follow the Grace: Grace points emit golden trails showing the direction you need to go. Open your map, and you’ll see these trails leading you to your next objective.

Finding Map Fragments

To navigate Limgrave effectively, you’ll need to find map fragments:

· Limgrave West Map Fragment: This is located at the first encampment you’ll come across. It’s hard to miss and crucial for unlocking detailed visuals on your map.

Progressing Through Limgrave

Following the Grace

As you explore, the grace will guide you to key locations:

· Unlock More Grace Points: The more you find and activate, the more you’ll uncover about the story and world.

· Meet Important NPCs: One of these NPCs is a familiar face from the trailers. She offers guidance, abilities, and the option to travel to the Roundtable Hold—a central hub for NPC interactions and storylines.

Exploring the Roundtable Hold

Once invited to the Roundtable Hold:

· Talk to NPCs: Learn from them, start storylines, and get useful tips.

· Upgrade and Learn: Use this hub to upgrade weapons and learn new abilities.

Utilizing the Map and Compass

Marking Important Locations

Your map is an invaluable tool:

· Place Markers: Use markers for various purposes such as indicating enemy locations, items to collect, or places you want to revisit.

· Track with Compass: Markers appear on your compass, helping you navigate the world effectively. This is especially useful when retrieving lost runes after dying.

Facing Bosses and Leveling Up

Boss Fights

· Follow the Grace to Boss Areas: When you encounter a boss area, prepare for a challenge.

· Defeat or Strategize: If you’re defeated, consider leveling up or acquiring better gear before retrying.

Leveling Up

· Collect Runes: Defeat enemies and explore to gather runes.

· Upgrade Stats: Use runes to enhance your character’s attributes. Focus on areas like strength and dexterity early on.

Exploring and Upgrading

Ashes of War and Equipment

· Collect and Test Ashes of War: Assign these to your weapons at grace points to unlock powerful abilities.

· Check Equipment: Always inspect new items and talismans you pick up. Allocate your flasks wisely, favoring health or magic as needed.

Stay Safe When Accessing the Menu

· Beware of Enemies: The game doesn’t pause, so make sure you’re in a safe area when accessing the menu.

Patience and Exploration

Embrace the Journey

· Take Your Time: Explore the world, discover new areas, and enjoy the intricate details.

· Read and Listen: Pay attention to item descriptions and NPC dialogues—they often contain valuable tips and lore.


· The open world of Elden Ring is vast and full of surprises. By following the guidance of the Grace Points, using the map and compass, and taking the time to explore and upgrade, you will find yourself making good progress. Remember, patience is key, and if you don't want to spend too much boring time collecting materials all over the world map, the MMOexp platform where Elden Ring Items for sale is sincerely at your service, with a large number of discounted coins waiting for you to purchase. Enjoy the journey, and may your path always be illuminated by grace.

MMOexp Elden Ring Team