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Guide to Obtaining Season 7 Ladder Players in EA Sports FC 24

Jul-06-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports FC 24's Season 7: Festival of Football update brings an array of exciting rewards, including some of the best player cards available for free through the Seasonal Progress ladder. These cards are a part of the Path to Glory promotion, celebrating ongoing regional championships like the European and Copa America tournaments. Here's a detailed guide on how to unlock these coveted Season 7 ladder players:

Guide to Obtaining Season 7 Ladder Players in EA Sports FC 24

Understanding the Season 7 Ladder

The Season 7 ladder consists of 35 levels, each offering progressively better rewards culminating in highly sought-after player cards. These rewards are earned by accumulating XP, which can be obtained through various in-game activities and objectives.

How to Earn XP

XP is crucial for progressing through the Season 7 ladder. Here's how you can earn it:

Play FC Ultimate Team Modes: Engage in any FC Ultimate Team game mode to earn XP. The more games you play and complete, the more XP and FC 24 coins you accumulate.

Complete Seasonal Objectives: These objectives provide specific tasks that, when completed, reward you with XP. They are tailored to various aspects of the game, such as recreating historic moments from tournaments or achieving milestones with specific players.

Daily and Weekly Objectives: Regularly check and complete daily and weekly objectives, which offer quick XP boosts and are refreshed periodically.

Unlocking Season 7 Ladder Players

To unlock the Season 7 ladder players, you need to progress through the levels by earning XP. Here are the notable players and milestones along the ladder:

Level 1: 91 OVR Path to Glory Boris Cespedes (1000 XP)

Level 4: 91 OVR Path to Glory Andrei Ratiu (4000 XP)

Level 6: 91 OVR Path to Glory Adalberto Carrasquilla (6000 XP)

Level 8: 91 OVR Path to Glory Viktor Tsyganov (8000 XP)

Level 10: 92 OVR Path to Glory Guglielmo Vicario (10000 XP)

Level 13: 92 OVR Path to Glory Renato Tapia (13000 XP)

Level 15: 92 OVR Path to Glory Elseid Hysaj (15000 XP)

Level 17: 92 OVR Path to Glory Marcelo Brozovic (17000 XP)

Level 19: 93 OVR Path to Glory Kieran Tierney (19000 XP)

Level 21: 93 OVR Path to Glory Folarin Balogun (21000 XP)

Level 22: 94 OVR Path to Glory Hero Jerzy Dudek (22000 XP)

Level 24: 94 OVR Path to Glory Santiago Gimenez (24000 XP)

Level 25: 94 OVR Path to Glory Jonathan Clauss (25000 XP)

Level 26: 94 OVR Path to Glory Alexis Sanchez (26000 XP)

Level 29: 94 OVR Path to Glory Bernardo Silva (29000 XP)

Level 31: 95 OVR Path to Glory Raphinha (31000 XP)

Level 33: 95 OVR Path to Glory Memphis Depay (33000 XP)

Level 34: 97 OVR End of an Era Toni Kroos or 96 OVR Greats of the Game Icon Steven Gerrard (34000 XP)

Level 35: 97 OVR Greats of the Game Icon Ferenc Puskas (35000 XP)

Tips for Efficient Progression

Focus on Objectives: Prioritize completing seasonal and daily objectives to maximize XP gains.

Regular Play: Engage consistently in FC Ultimate Team matches to continuously earn XP.

Strategic Player Use: Utilize players required for specific objectives to earn additional XP bonuses.


Unlocking Season 7 ladder players in EA Sports FC 24 offers a rewarding experience with some of the game's top player cards available for free. By actively participating in game modes, completing objectives, and strategically managing your gameplay, you can efficiently progress through the ladder and enhance your Ultimate Team roster with these prestigious additions. Take on the challenge, earn XP and coins, and secure these valuable rewards to strengthen your team during the Festival of Football season in EA Sports FC 24.

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