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How to Efficiently Farm Uniques and Uber Uniques in Diablo 4

Jul-11-2024 PST Diablo4

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to efficiently collect all the unique and super unique items in Diablo IV. This guide will help you get the items you need for your build, ensuring you have the best gear to maximize your damage output. Different characters have corresponding equipment and items. Players can choose to buy Diablo 4 Gold in exchange for powerful equipment to quickly upgrade the character. Let's get started!

How to Efficiently Farm Uniques and Uber Uniques in Diablo 4

Why You Should Farm Both Regular and Uber Uniques

Farming both regular and Uber uniques is crucial for optimizing your build. Regular uniques can have powerful multipliers that significantly boost your damage. For example, the Pain Gorger Gauntlets provide a 15% increased damage to marked enemies, but you might find one with a higher multiplier. Swapping out for better rolls can result in massive damage increases.

Methods to Get Uniques and Uber Uniques

1. Resplendent Sparks

Resplendent Sparks are a reliable way to get your first Uber unique. Here’s how to get them:

· Kill Uber Lilith: The hardest boss to fight, but if you can defeat her, you’ll get a Resplendent Spark.

· Beat Level 200 Tormented Duriel or Andariel: Focus on these bosses for better drops and another Resplendent Spark.

· Iron Wolves Reputation: Complete tier 18 of the Iron Wolves reputation to get a Resplendent Spark.

· Create a New Character: Level a new character to tier 18 to get another Resplendent Spark.

· Salvage an Uber Unique: If you find a duplicate or an unneeded Uber unique, salvage it for a Resplendent Spark.

2. Farming Uber Bosses

Uber Lilith

Uber Lilith is the hardest boss, but defeating her guarantees a Resplendent Spark. Watch for mechanics that stack damage and work with a team if necessary.

Level 200 Tormented Duriel or Andariel

These bosses are slightly easier and also drop Resplendent Sparks. Group up with others if you can’t solo them.

Rotating Groups

Join the official Diablo Discord or similar groups to rotate bosses with other players. Each player uses their mats in turn, allowing everyone to farm efficiently.

3. Regular Bosses and Dungeons

Duriel Farming

Duriel can be farmed using mucus slick eggs and shards of Agony, obtained from the Malignant Burrow and Hall of the Penitent respectively. Solo players can focus on this method for consistent unique drops.

Andariel Farming

Andariel, found at the Hanged Man’s Hall, drops the same loot as Duriel. Use pin cushion dolls and sand scorch shackles from the Beast in Ice and the Darkened Way to summon her.

4. Targeted Farming

Use Maxroll's drop table to identify which bosses drop the uniques you need. For instance, Barbarian players looking for Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus can farm Lord Zir and Gregor. Knowing the specific drop sources helps you farm efficiently.

Enhancing Your Farming Efficiency

Use the Official Diablo Discord

Join the official Diablo Discord to find groups for boss rotations. Rotating mats with other players maximizes your rewards and minimizes the effort needed to farm D4 materials.

Farming Materials

Materials for summoning bosses can be farmed in several ways:

· Hell Tides: Farm living steel and other materials.

· Malignant Bosses: Drop malignant materials needed for mucus slick eggs.

· World Bosses and Dungeon Bosses: Often drop valuable crafting materials.

Maximizing Your Build

Once you have your uniques, focus on getting better rolls by repeatedly farming the same bosses. Salvage duplicates for Resplendent Sparks and use them to target specific Uber uniques that complement your build.


Farming unique and super unique items in Diablo IV requires strategic boss fights, efficient use of materials, and team rotation. By following this guide, you can maximize your chances of getting the best gear for your build, ensuring you dominate the game with optimal damage output. To save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience the new content, you can buy Diablo IV Gold and Diablo 4 Items on MMoexp with great price, instant shipping, professional service and safety guarantee. Enjoy your game!

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team