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​Is this Generally Accepted for Lost Ark

Mar-14-2022 PST Lost Ark

"Gunlancer is slow so the whole party needs to move to oblige" Is this Generally Accepted for Lost Ark?

I experienced the present circumstance recently during the last supervisor for Abyss Dungeon Alaric's Sanctuary. Essentially, the Gunlancer (Red) would not move when they got the ice aoe on them. This caused various issues, first was dps couldn't keep uptime on Alaric.

The other issue was when individuals moved out, once in a while Alaric would do a knockback assault and thump the gunlancer into players behind him, coming about individuals being frozen. This made different wipes due individuals being frozen during key mechanics. The gunlancer's companion (Blue) continued to safeguard him and killed all possible ideas from any other person that the gunlancer kindly move out while getting that aoe.

We ultimately left after individuals' reinforcement destitute, requeued, and cleared it in under 30 minutes. The other player whose name is shown consented to have it uncensored on the grounds that they were additionally baffled by rehashed freezes and the powerlessness to harm the chief. All things considered, I'm not discussing the gunlancer being at max scuffle range, I mean the person model's face was in a real sense in the middle of Alaric's legs; that is the way close he was for the whole battle.

My inquiry is: Is this for the most part acknowledged for Lost Ark? I play gunlancer myself, so I get that there are versatility gives that no other class has, however having 7 individuals change since you can't be tried to move north of a couple of steps simply doesn't sound right to me, particularly when we should be functioning collectively. Has anybody here played on Korean/Russian servers preceding global send off? On the off chance that indeed, is this the acknowledged standard for individuals to move for gunlancers? On the off chance that incidentally, this is for sure the standard, I will 100 percent concede that I was off-base and later on advise others to move for the gunlancer also.

It's simply that approaching from different games with assault mechanics (FFXIV, WoW, Guild Wars 2, and so on) this sort of conduct truly appears to be self centered and not supportive by any means.

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