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​Subtle speed hackers in PvP

May-13-2022 PST Lost Ark

I've played tons of PvP in the past and regularly record some of the hilarious games, failed plays or cool team attack.

What I noticed after watching the clips was that certain people have slightly more speed of animation.

Before you make a bonk in your post:

Yes, I was making sure that they didn't have a DB buff or other buffs that boost attack speed generally.

They always attack just a little quicker, however the most obvious thing I observed during a game was an Artillerist as well as an Sorc.

Because I am a member of Sorc myself, it was obvious afterward, when I compared the footage with footage from my own.

The Arti was evident as I had asked for to see a frien. This is an Artillerist principal.

I was hoping this wouldn't happen so fast, but I'm a bit down...

What have you learned from hacks in the present? Are there any PvP players who have seen something else being employed?

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