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​A Small Support Guide About Lost Ark

Jun-01-2022 PST Lost Ark

Hi there! Welcome to MMOexp Shop, I post a small support guide here, when i find it on reddit.

All Volt here and i will provide you with general guidelines on Support. Feel you are free to argue with me over certain aspects but lets begin.

Bard The Bard is one of the most complicated support for positional complexity. it needs good self-awareness the ability to be in a good position and at the right time to help this class flourish. It is also the most effective option for advancing in new material due to its has a high rate of healing in bursts. This class has the highest shielding capability of the three supports , however it with the lowest personal dps of the three support types.

Paladin Paladin Paladin is the king of the hill. Consistency can keep his buffs for dmg all the time. He also provides consistent hot's and moderate shielding. He's in the middle of the three supporters in terms of damage but is the most durable and has the highest vitality percentage. However, unlike the other supporters, he doesn't have to decide whether to use his buff to damage over his ability to heal, as his healing ability is baked directly into his dmg buff. That makes him the ideal support for raids in hell mode.

Artist The Artist is latest support available and is the most reliable in keeping her 10% damage. Debuff has higher shielding than paladin , however she has lower healing than both bard and paladin. The Artist's Playstyle closely resembles the Mystic from Terra Online Minus the pet. When she is using an ability to support, she makes canvases and beads that her allies can play with or use to gain advantages. This type of play could be either a positive or disadvantage based on your group's mates, however she's often regarded as the worst support due to it.

Rhapsody Of Light Vs Godsent Law Vs Milky Way

Rhapsody Of Light: Bard has the greatest skill due to its tenacity. It gives 75 percent DMG reduction buff of 15% Sheild, and is able to be put anywhere the bard would like. On the other hand, it has ability to mark.

Godsent Law: Paladin abilities are in second because it lacks Strength, but provides higher protection with only a 70 percent DMG reduction buff and is a branding skill and, as such, bards get the skill bar that is more compact.

Milky Way: The Artist Ranks in last place because it's an AoE of 6m around the artist. However, it does have the tenacity to last and doesn't mark the other way around it has a 75% reduction in dmg and 15% shielding similar to bards.

Utility Engravings: I'm refusing to take beyond the three engravings that are standard. Supports choose to use only the ones that are above those three.

Drops of Ether: All support will be running this on an alternate 4th or 5th each 10 seconds. It drops a randomly-generated buff to the party members to gain these buffs consist of defense speed, attack speed, attack damage, crit speed, mana regeneration buffs. They all stack up and last for 30 seconds.

Vital Point Hits: These increases the stagger's effectiveness by 36%: It's an impressive boost to staggers and is a nice engraving to aid in the stagger check during high-end raids. The staggers become more precise as we have more challenging raids.

Heavy armor: It is typically employed by bards and artists because of their squishy nature and both games require they be in constant mid-to-maneuver range.

Explosive Expert : Only available to raids in hell mode only. the use of this.

What to do when you're 1415+

Raids Group Setup Every Support has an dps class that goes hand in hand in hand, and you should pick your support based on whether you have a steady flow of dmg dealers or burst dps within your group.

Consistent DPS Groups: Paladin as well as Artist both have an unbeatable time to use buffs and debuffs, so classes that can handle consistently steady synergies with dmg work well with them.

Burst DPS Groups: Bard is hands down the most reliable support for classes that have burst DPS.

Support in Hell Mode: All support will work in hell mode fine, however Paladin is the king of hell mode as it can heal as well as gain dmg. Artist and Bard need to choose DMG boosts over their heals because the DPS checks are extremely brutal and each one is equally matched.

Engraving Set-up Let me be clear I personally do not stop at the minimum on support . If support isn't your primary focus, you can end at 3x3 and possibly 4x3 up over clown. That said, i suggest going with the 5x3 standard. It's the best support that you can and don't become a lazy and cheap.

Relic Gear Swamp Of Yearning is the best to set however if there is only valtan available. It's going to be a 2 pieces Yearning Two Piece Dominion as well as 2 pieces Argos/Demon beast.

Rolling Stones: Your Going to go from 6/6 Stone to 7/7 or more Stone I have been known to get some people in the middle when I say to choose the highest quality stone that you can.

Stones that are cheap to target in lieu of an Expert or Awakening stone:

Vital Point/Awakenings: Very Excellent stone to roll to the paladin. It's also inexpensive

Heavy Armor/ Awakening The stone is a good one for Artists and Bards

Vital Point/Drops Of Ether It is the dirtiest most affordable Stone on the AH , but be aware that you will be required to purchase experts and the equipment will be very costly.

Stats support Run

Full Specification: IMHO this is Only acceptable for Bard Full spec paladin and Artist are not worth it since it affects consistency and speed with buffs to dmg.

Full Swift: is the most reliable statistic for boost uptime.

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