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​Paladin vs Bard

May-16-2022 PST Lost Ark

I'd like to hear the opinion of bard main on this. I've been playing for just over a month , and my primary is Paladin Ilvl 1390.

I was aware from the start that I wanted to play as a support character, and when I logged into YouTube and compared bard with Paladin, it was clear that paladin is far superior equipment than bard does.

Why I believe that the paladin is more effective:

1. Buffs, shields, and HoT impacts all players regardless of where you are (unless they're extremely far away due to reasons).

2. Almost infnite DPS buff and debuff bosses. It's also important to know that Heavely blessing grants mana and DMG reduction (3 in three).


4 two counter skills, each with a pretty good staggers, too.

5. Naturally tanky that means you don't need to build armor that is heavy.

6. Paladin is a good choice and doesn't need you to live close to the boss and other party members.

I am constantly hearing the same arguments that bard is more healing and buffs, but since Paladin is always able to boost dmg up and provides HoT, I'm not sure what's the best choice here.

If your team suffers an enormous hit from the boss , simply use pots, otherwise Paladin HoT will be sufficient to keep the parties going.

The reason I'm starting this thread about drama is because I'd like to play bard, however it feels like more like paladin than bard.

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