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Madden 22: ​A example letter to EA Team

Jan-06-2022 PST Madden 22

To the responsible party in question at Electronic Arts:

Innumerable gamers have been griping about your Madden NFL series, and the obvious absence of exertion that Tiburon places into fostering the series.

For north of 10 years, EA has put an excessive amount of accentuation in its definitive group mode, rather than its leader establishment and speedy play modes.

Extreme group cards become useless by the following year's version. Guardians ought to seize their youngsters' computer game control center assuming they burn through many dollars just to open a specific player.

The movement based interactivity is scarcely practical. Player appraisals don't make any difference any longer with the exception of speed, tossing and kicking. For instance, reinforcement safeguard can undoubtedly overcome a tip top hostile lineman.

Since Madden NFL 18, the menu music has been solely rap music. There ought to be some more variety, in light of the fact that not every person likes rap music.

Every player ought to have a precise face. On the off chance that they don't have a face examine, you could plan their representation onto a player model.

Establishment mode ought to have each group's true organizers, just as a development group choice and better migration customization.

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