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​Semi-Newbie to Madden 22

Dec-31-2021 PST Madden 22

Hello there, trust you all had an incredible occasions!

I've played madden throughout the years since 13... however I am in no way, shape or form anyplace near being a decent player. Every so often I will have my brilliant minutes, yet I generally disapprove of understanding protections, running the safeguard, and changing likewise. I have as of late been playing 2v2 online with a pal of mine, and I have been controlling the protective play calling. A few games sick do fine, gettin some client picks, and sneaking fine with a linebacker. Anyway the subsequent I play somebody who continually tosses checkdowns like a dealer (hack tom brady, hack jk) it uncovered my protection. As a madden noob, I half run default madden plays even though I know its bad... but for the most part its a cover 3 or cover 2 man...i read some place that his year the 3-3-5 nickel is one of the more pleasant developments on safeguard you can run....so how does a beginner approach learning this data. My mate was tryna advise me to change cloud level(?) and twist level or snare twists separating, and to shade and I had no clue wtf he implied by that(zone drops I think?)....and on offense, I experience difficulty understanding safeguards and regardless of whether I surmise man inclusion cuz the rival has their corners squeezed, it winds up being a hidden cover 3 or something...so how could you all gain proficiency with the game?

I have taken a stab at doing my own examination and attempting the stuff in game, yet at the same time get singed like toast sometimes....but heres what ive done.

Match collectors and corners by speed changing the zone drops to: 20, 10, 15.

Utilizing a quick linebacker or utilizing a quick wellbeing to sub as a LB something about assuming the corners are a sure yardage away that is the manner by which u can tell its a cover 3,4,man and so forth.

Up to this point the best thing for me protectively to stop checkdowns and short passes is cover 1 or cover 2 man...ill give space for the DB's and just client hide with a wellbeing attempting to stop any checkdowns or profound shots.

Just my views sharing with you, and cheap Mut 22 coins on MMOexp.com, Happy new year!