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​Madden 22: Questions about Franchise

Feb-06-2022 PST Madden 22

Welcome to Madden 22 (and football overall)!

I will attempt to respond to your inquiries in light of my own involvement with Madden and general information on football as a deep rooted fan.


- You ought to have something like one reinforcement for most situations, with the exception of Punter and Kicker (no reinforcements required)

- Remember the additional spots on your program to keep unique groups players, trained professionals (very quick WR, obstructing TE, and so forth), that may not be in your typical profundity diagram.

- Coming up next depends on standard hostile and guarded plans, however could differ radically for plans (regardless of whether IRL or Madden) that break the typical shape.


- Quarterback: Generally 2 QBs is fine, except if you simply have a third one you would rather not hazard losing

- Running Backs: It is normal to convey three HBs and a FB. A few groups don't convey a FB by any means and simply utilize a HB or TE to fill the spot. You can get by with only 2 HBs when there's no other option, however you for the most part would rather not leave yourself that light.

It's additionally commonly not important to convey more than 1 FB.

- Wide Receiver: Generally you need to have some place from 4-6 WRS. Contingent upon your hostile plan, you could have upwards of 5 WRs on the field simultaneously, however generally offenses that do that usually use HBs or TEs similarly as a WR.

- Tight End: It's normal to convey three TEs or more. A great deal of offense utilize two TE sets, and gigantic bundles will regularly utilize three.

- Hostile Line: You likely need to have 8-10 OL across each of the five positions. Here you can have individual players be the essential reinforcement at various positions. It's normal for the best reinforcement lineman to be somewhat of a utility player that can play generally/all of the line positions.


- A ton of this will fluctuate in light of your protective plan.

- For the most part you need to keep no less than one reinforcement for each beginning position.

- Along these lines, for example, assuming you basically play a 4-3, which has 4 linemen and 3 LBs, you need to convey somewhere around 8 linemen (4 DEs and 4 DTs) and 6 LBs.

- Remember that most group run a great deal of nickle, so the space cornerback is essentially a starter. You need to ensure you have sufficient Defensive Backs (CB, FS, SS) to play Nickle, Dime, Quarter, and so forth It's normal to see groups convey 9-10 complete DBs or more.

- A few protective plans have securities play LB on passing downs, you need to ensure your DB profundity takes into consideration that assuming you intend to do as such.


Madden agreements can be somewhat of a secret, yet I will give a valiant effort to attempt to give you a few pointers.

Greater Signing Bonus

- A marking reward is paid similarly during each time of the agreement. For instance, a $100M reward north of 5 years would cost $20M per year against the cap (in addition to pay)

- Marking rewards are the dependable piece of the agreement and decide the punishment for delivering/exchanging a player.

- Punishment

- This can be somewhat irritating and entangles a great deal of establishment players.

- Assuming a player is in the last year of their agreement, the punishment is altogether for the flow season

- Assuming a player has 2 years left on there contract, the punishment is parted between the momentum season and next season (For instance; the player has a $10M punishment and 2 years left on his agreement, there would be a $5M punishment this season and a $5M punishment next season)

- Assuming that the player has three years or all the more left on their agreement, one year of the punishment is applied to the flow season and the rest is applied to the accompanying season. (For instance; the player has a $40M punishment with 4 years left on his agreement, there would be a $10M punishment this season and a $30M punishment next season)

- These punishments can be different for default (reality) contracts, as they are some of the time organized uniquely in contrast to the game mechanics permit establishment proprietors to do. So you may have a player who has 4 years left on their agreement, however the surefire cash pursues out the first or second year.

- Punishments in the offseason will for the most part apply totally to the impending season (essentially I feel that is as yet a thing).

Player Salary

- The estimations for a player's compensation on a long term agreement are a piece confounding. Since we can't decide to front-load, back-burden, or equilibrium an agreement all alone, we are helpless before the game's mechanics for deciding the yearly cap number for the compensation of a long term agreement.

- I would say, long term agreements are backloaded, where the compensation gets going below their yearly normal, however increment towards the back part of the arrangement. (For instance; a long term agreement worth $50M in all out compensation/$10M year, may have that compensation separated this way: Year 1 - $7M, Year 2 - $9.5M, Year 3 - $10.5M, Year 4 - $11M, Year 5 - $12M) Note: This isn't the equation Madden utilizes, only a model for lucidity

- To the extent that long term agreements, those will quite often be somewhat more adjusted across the existence of the agreement. Not actually adjusted, yet not even close as backloaded.

- While figuring out what to pay your players, you need to track down the harmony among compensation and reward that they will acknowledge. A few players will sign with zero reward (no punishment!) and some need the greater part of their all out agreement to be reward cash.

- Remember that assuming you are playing in Owner Mode, you should have assets available to pay their whole reward front and center, similar to a marking reward.

These are only my own perspectives on these points, different players might have ridiculously various takes.

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