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Mastering the Art of Crafting Spark Gloves in Path of Exile

Nov-06-2023 PST path of exile

Crafting in Path of Exile is a complex and fascinating aspect of the game that allows players to tailor their equipment to suit their specific needs. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of crafting Spark Gloves, harnessing the power of Shaper and Elder influences to attain the desired modifiers.

Understanding the Primary Modifiers

To craft Spark Gloves effectively, you need to focus on specific modifiers. The primary modifiers you aim to include are as follows:

Socketed gems are supported by level X faster projectiles: This modifier enhances the performance of your projectile-based skills by increasing their speed.

+2 to the level of socketed projectile gems: This boosts the level of your projectile skill gems, amplifying their damage and effectiveness.

Bench mod as the third prefix: This is a crafting bench mod, allowing you to choose and add a desired prefix to your gloves.

The Crafting Process

Let's break down the crafting process step by step:

1. Shaper and Elder Influences: The first step is to awaken the Shaper and Elder influences onto your item base. The specific modifiers that appear at this stage are not crucial, as they will be overwritten in later stages of crafting.

2. Essence of Horror: Use an Essence of Horror on your item base to target one of the two desired mods:

Socketed gems have +3.5% base crit: This boosts the critical strike chance of gems placed in your gloves.

Socketed spells have crit multi: This increases the critical strike multiplier for spells.

It's important to note that achieving Tier 1 for these mods is a rare occurrence, with a mere 1 in 53 chance. Tier 2 is somewhat more common at 1 in 27, and Tier 3 at 1 in 8.

3. Dealing with Unwanted Mods: If you manage to obtain one of the mods you desire but also end up with an undesired mod, you have two options:

POE Orbs of Annulment: Use this POE orbs to remove a random mod, which can help eliminate the unwanted modifier.

POE Orbs of Dominance: This POE orbs not only removes a random mod but also increases the tier of the remaining mod.

4. Refining Your Gloves: Once you've acquired your desired mods, you'll need to add and refine other modifiers to create your final product. Here's a systematic approach:

Suffixes Cannot Be Changed: This mod prevents suffixes from being altered during crafting, safeguarding your chosen prefixes.

Reforge Crit: Use this option when you wish to keep a specific suffix, as it ensures that one of the suffixes will be a critical strike modifier.

Faster Projectiles: To attain the "socketed gems are supported by level X faster projectiles" mod, lock the suffixes and reforge with speed. This process guarantees the inclusion of the faster projectiles modifier.

5. Finalizing Your Craft: With the desired mods in place, you have a couple of options to complete your craft:

Using Ashling: This master can remove one of your prefixes and add a veiled mod. Prior to unveiling, use the crafting bench to block undesirable mods, increasing your chances of obtaining the +2 to the level of socketed projectile gems mod.

Final Touches: Depending on the outcome of your unveil, you may need to revisit the crafting process to achieve the highest tier mods or remove any undesired mods that may have appeared along the way.

Evaluating Market Value

Once your Spark Gloves are crafted to perfection, it's time to assess their market value. Items of this nature can be exceedingly valuable, especially when they possess high-tier mods and unique combinations. To determine an appropriate selling price, browse the trade market to find similar items and consider the cost of the materials used during crafting when setting your price.

Crafting Spark Gloves in Path of Exile is a meticulous process that requires a combination of knowledge, patience, and resources, MMOexp offers POE currency for sale, which will be a huge help for you in making Spark Gloves. By following this guide, you can create powerful, sought-after gloves for your character's journey through Wraeclast.