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Mastering the Ennead Expedition in New World

Nov-24-2023 PST New World

Embarking on the Ennead Expedition in New World is a daunting yet rewarding endeavor, especially for players who have attained a recommended level of 60 or higher and ventured into the challenging Brimstone Sands Zone. This guide provides invaluable insights on successfully navigating the Great Pyramid of Akhet, facing both Ancient and Corrupted enemies in this elite zone. Assemble your team wisely, prepare thoroughly, and brace yourself for an epic journey through the Ennead Expedition.

Mastering the Ennead Expedition in New World

Preparation and Team Composition

Before delving into the heart of the Ennead Expedition, assembling a well-rounded team is crucial. With a minimum requirement of three players (including yourself) and a preferable count of five, coordination and communication become paramount. The team should consist of:


Role: Draws enemy attention and absorbs damage.

Responsibilities: Lead the charge and maintain aggro on enemies.

DPS (Damage Per Second) x3:

Role: Delivers powerful attacks to swiftly eliminate foes.

Responsibilities: Focus on dealing damage efficiently and strategically.


Role: Sustains the team's health and provides support.

Responsibilities: Keep the group alive through healing and buffs.

Section One: Ancients

Upon entering the Great Pyramid of Akhet, players will find themselves immersed in the mystical realm of Ancients. The primary adversary in this section is the formidable Giant Ancient Scarab, a boss that demands strategic coordination and focused attacks. To conquer this section:


Prioritize the tank's ability to draw aggro from the Scarab.

DPS players should concentrate on dealing damage while avoiding the Scarab's powerful attacks.

The healer must remain vigilant, ensuring the team's health stays optimal.

Section Two: Corrupted

As players progress, they transition into the Corrupted section, facing a new set of challenges. General Crassus, the boss of this section, poses a significant threat that requires adaptability and strategic prowess. To conquer this corrupted onslaught:


The tank should absorb the brunt of General Crassus's attacks.

DPS players must balance between focusing on the boss and handling additional enemies.

Healer's priority is maintaining the team's health, especially during intense phases of the encounter.

Section Three: Ancients

The final stretch of the Ennead Expedition returns players to the realm of Ancients, introducing the formidable bosses Anpu and Heru. This section demands a culmination of skills acquired throughout the expedition. Key strategies include:


The tank must adeptly manage aggro for both Anpu and Heru.

DPS players should coordinate attacks to efficiently dispatch both bosses.

Healer's focus remains on sustaining the team's health amid the chaos.

Successfully completing the Ennead Expedition is a testament to your team's skill, coordination, and strategic prowess. Assemble a formidable group, buying New World Coins from MMOexp.com, and adapt your tactics to the unique challenges presented by both Ancient and Corrupted adversaries. The rewards for conquering the Great Pyramid of Akhet are substantial, making the Ennead Expedition a milestone achievement for any seasoned adventurer in New World. May your journey be epic, and the spoils of victory plentiful!