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More Safe and Abundant Rewards: Dark and Darker Latest Update Takes on Hackers

Nov-23-2023 PST Dark And Darker

In a long-awaited move, Ironmace Games has unleashed the Early Access version of their medieval action RPG, Dark and Darker, accompanied by a substantial update. This significant release not only bids farewell to the looming menace of hackers but also welcomes players into a realm brimming with elusive treasures.

Dark and Darker Latest Update Takes on Hackers

However, prior to this milestone, Ironmace Games found themselves embroiled in a contentious dispute with Nexon, another prominent game development studio. Accusations were hurled, claiming that Ironmace Games had illicitly employed stolen code in the creation of Dark and Darker. Despite this tumultuous backdrop, the latest update brings forth numerous changes and bug fixes, underscoring the studio's commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience for all fair-minded players.

One of the most pressing issues that the update addresses is the presence of bugs that have been plaguing the game. Players were often transported beyond the confines of the map, trapped in a bewildering limbo. However, Ironmace Games has diligently tackled these bug-ridden areas, rectifying the erroneous doors and treasure chests that had the unfortunate tendency to ensnare players in inescapable predicaments. Consequently, adventurers can now traverse the game world without the looming dread of being whisked away to forbidden realms.

Moreover, in a bid to foster a more equitable gaming environment, Dark and Darker has bolstered its anti-hacking systems. The developer has expended considerable efforts to fortify the game's defenses against unscrupulous cheaters, aiming to curtail their presence and restore integrity to the player-versus-player landscape - Especially to curb the confusion in the Dark and darker gold market. While no security measure can entirely eradicate this persistent issue, the enhanced systems are poised to significantly diminish the prevalence of cheating, preserving the integrity of the game.

However, it is the prospect of bountiful rewards that will undoubtedly ignite the passion of countless players. The update introduces a marked increase in the drop rates of rare loot, an alteration that is bound to elicit elation among the game's ardent enthusiasts. Acquiring coveted items has become a more attainable feat, as players can now expect a more generous bestowal of rare and epic items. Previously elusive treasures can now be obtained from any chest within the game, unveiling a multitude of possibilities for eager adventurers. Moreover, the chances of stumbling upon epic items have been particularly amplified in Lionhead, Ornate, and Gold chests, promising a gratifying sense of achievement for those who dare to seek them out.

Dark and Darker latest update signifies a turning point in the game's trajectory. Ironmace Games has diligently addressed the concerns raised by players and critics alike, ensuring that the gameplay experience is imbued with greater security and a sense of gratification. By fortifying the anti-hacking systems and eradicating game-breaking bugs, the developers have taken a proactive stance in safeguarding fairness and integrity within the game. Simultaneously, the augmented drop rates of rare loot have breathed new life into the immersive world, stimulating players' adventurous spirits and granting them access to treasures once deemed unattainable.

As Dark and Darker ventures into Early Access, players can eagerly anticipate a gaming landscape that is gradually shedding its darker shades. With the developers actively combatting hackers and rewarding perseverance with a wealth of coveted items, the realms of this medieval RPG beckon to be explored with renewed vigor and unbridled excitement.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team