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New World Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition

Feb-21-2024 PST New World

There's a dark tide rising in Aeternum bringing forth the arrival of Admiral Black Powder and his deadly crew. In the following guide we'll be talking about the bosses you'll encounter, the rewards you'll receive, etc., through the expedition.




The Hook from Admiral Blackpowder, Priscilla's Shield from Nereid, Expanse from Nereid, Melting Point from Nereid, Arrowspine from Expedition Wide, Driftwood from Expedition Wide, Maul of Fathoms from Expedition Wide, Soul Spine from Expedition Wide, Grasp from Expedition Wide, Brinicle from Expedition Wide, Iridescence from Expedition Wide, Firewood from Expedition Wide, and Void Darkplate from Nereid (Mutation 1+)


Admiral's Claw from Admiral Blackpowder, Admiral's Peg from Admiral Blackpowder, Admiral's Pantaloons from Admiral Blackpowder, Admiral's Tricorn Cap from Admiral Blackpowder, Admiral's Petticoat from Admiral Blackpowder, Siren's Gloves from Nereid, Siren's Boots from Nereid, Siren's Thighguards from Nereid, Siren's Headwear from Nereid, Siren's Chestwrap from Nereid, Wanderers Pants from Nereid, Lost Souls Gloves from Expedition Wide, Shoes of Seine from Expedition Wide, Waterlogged Shirt from Expedition Wide, and Quaint Helm from Expedition Wide.


Teardrop from Expedition Wide, Damp from Expedition Wide, Droplet from Expedition Wide, and Powerful Hastey Talisman from Chompers and Aligator Adds. (You can buy cheap New World Coins from mmoexp.com, get them quickly and easy)



You can begin the expedition by speaking to the quest givers in the Cutlass Keys settlement, as well as the docks on the eastern shore. They'll want to offer you loot in exchange for defeating the evil that has risen in Aeternum.

Barnacles & Black Powder is a level 65 expedition that is located at the bottom tip of Cutlass Keys. Being an end-game content, the expedition is a part of the mutation rotation.



Most enemies you'll encounter during this expedition are Lost mobs. They are weak to Nature, Ice, and Strike damage. There are also beast mobs, as well as the final boss called Nereid, who is a hybrid.

How to Enter?


To enter the expedition, someone from your group needs to be at the entrance of Barnacles & Black Powder or use the Group Finder feature. There's a limit on the expeditions you can run, for instance, 15 normal expedition runs per day per player, or 105 per week, per player, and 35 mutated runs per week.



For a repeatable quest, you'll need to speak to Quiggley Quorus who can be found at the entrance of Barnacles & Black Powder. This quest will reward you with Gypsum Orbs, Gold, and Loot Caches. You can also pick the faction quest associated with the expedition from your vendor in Cutlass Keys.

Cursed Treasure


A unique mechanic to the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition is the Cursed Treasure you will eventually run into on the ground. If you touch the item, you'll be slowed down and afflicted with a DOT, so make sure you don't touch them if you run into such a treasure.



Once enter the expedition, quickly clear the enemies and speak to Antonio. He'll open the gates to the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition. However, one of you will need to hit the switch with a Ranged attack to open it.

Gibbs & Gunner Jett


In the Old Salt Footpath, you'll need to fight groups of enemies till you reach the mini-boss called Third Officer Gibbs. Once he's defeated, progress to the next gate. You'll need to hit the switch with a Ranged attack again.

Moving on, you'll come across Gunner Jett in the Black Flag Grove. He is the next mini-boss you encounter during the expedition. Defeat him and loot the chest to the right. Now, using your Ranged attack, you'll need to hit another switch to enter a gate.

Chompers & Arms


Go through and progress into the Dry Rum Passage to find yourself in a cavern. Here, you'll see Black Powder Kegs to your right that'll be used later in the expedition. Defeat the explosive mobs and move up the stairs to reach The Crows' Nest. Defeat the group of mobs and continue ahead using the stairs to reach The Broken Bones.

You'll now encounter a boss. This is a 3-wave encounter stacked with alligators and lost mobs. Group the first pull and AOE them down, while making sure your coordination is set properly for the next wave. Next, you'll encounter Chompers, followed by Master of Arms. Defeat them one by one to progress in the expedition.

Once defeated, head north to defeat the mini-boss called Fire Agent Jones. Pick the tool she drops and go back to the Dry Rum Passage. Kill whatever you encounter on your way back.

Bartham & Well


Blow up the wall by lighting the fuse and head through the created passage to reach the Black Flag Clove. Continue down the stairs while fighting the spawned mobs to reach the deck. Here, you'll be fighting Offer Bartham. Once defeated, loot the eastern chest and unlock the gates by attacking (Ranged) the switch.

Doing so will lower the bridge and you'll encounter First Officer Wells. Once defeated, go to the ship's cabin to find cannonballs. Next, fire them using a cannon at the Black Powder Kegs on the south ledge. Now, with the switch exposed, smash a Ranged Attack to lower the bridge and find yourself at the first boss fight.

Admiral Black Powder


Admiral Black Powder is a level 66 Elite Boss with several mechanics that you need to master. He uses attacks like Slash, Barrel Toss, Cannon Bash, Retreat, Spawn Lookouts, Bomb Barrage, Loaded Cannons, and Fiery Mortar.



Once defeated, loot the boss as well as the chest down to the south. Continue through the passage to reach the Cavern of Forbidden Plunder. Make sure to avoid any Cursed Treasures on your path. You'll come across a few mobs with knockback abilities, so keep them CC'D whenever possible. Continue through the cavern and avoid the axe traps to reach the Dead Man's Retreat.

Gate Puzzle


Time to loot the expedition chest, defeat Sergeant Morris and his crew, and speak to the NPC called Tye there. A puzzle will trigger requiring every member of the group to carry Nereid's Offering from one place to another. Once the gates are opened, progress further to reach the Sunken Depths, and that's where you'll encounter the second and final boss called Nereid.



Nereid is the final boss in the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition. She has mechanics similar to the Siren Queen, so if you have defeated the Siren Queen, then Nereid won't give you much trouble. Nereid uses powerful attacks like Water Wave, Lunge, Whirlwind, Lightning Rod, and Hurricane.

Once the boss has been taken down, you'll have completed the expedition!

MMOexp New World Team