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New World Empyrean Forge Expedition

Mar-20-2024 PST New World

Empyrean Forge is a 5-man expedition that has newly been added to the New World. Today, we will guide you through on how you can efficiently make it through the hurdles of the expedition with your group. It has everything you need to know from the Location to the Drops, Monsters, etc.

New World 240320001


New World 240320002

Inferno Commander from Marius, Brash Opener from Commander Marius, Firelash from Commander Marius, Allegro from Commander Marius, Sparkpowder from Commander Marius, Sulfurous Shrapnel from Ifrit, Fire of Battle from Ifrit, Daemongrasp from Ifrit, Cleric’s Walking Staff from Lady Bridget, Heatshot from Ser Skarin, Handwarmer from Ser Bishop, Heavy Knocker from Executioner Freyr, Hunting Blade from Ser Eld, Firestarter from Expedition Wide, and Mauler’s Axe from Expedition Wide.

New World 240320003

Scholar’s Wear from Ser Skarin, Warrior’s Respite from Ser Ducas, Fire Lord’s Cuirass from Commander Marius, Fire Lord’s Great Horned Helm from Commander Marius, Fire Lord’s Cuisses from Commander Marius, Fire Lord’s Greaves from Commander Marius, Fire Lord’s Vambraces from Commander Marius, Well-trodden Shoes from Expedition Wide, Withering Gloves from Expedition Wide, and Ranger’s Focus from Expedition Wide.

New World 240320004

Heart of Fire from The Heel, Embers of Change from Ser Newlon, and Wandering Expedience from Expedition Wide.


New World 240320005

Empyrean Forge is a level-60 expedition located north of the Great Cleave. Being an end-game expedition, you’ll find weekly mutation rotations within. You can either enter the expedition via the entrance, or you can use the Group Finder feature.

General Information

New World 240320006

The expedition is where the ancients forged powerful engines for WARS. Those hungry for Eldritch Magics reside within these colossal ruins. Inside, you’ll encounter several human-type enemies, so make sure to make Human Coatings and Ward Potions in hand. You’ll also come across other lost mobs throughout the journey.

Repeatable Quests

New World 240320007

There is only one repeatable quest in the Empyrean Forge expedition. You can pick it up every time you run the expedition. The quest giver is under the name ‘Otmar Winkler’ and can be found north of the expedition’s entrance.

Once you accept the quest, you need to head straight in and collect Apatite gems. They’ll be marked, making them easy to obtain throughout. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with New World CoinsGypsum Orb, and Experience.

Quick Walkthrough


New World 240320008

There will be a couple of lost mobs within the expeditions called Primordial Spawns. They aren’t really difficult to kill. Once defeated, you can continue ahead to reach the Forge Gate and find more trash mobs guarding the gates. You can use your Azoth Staff to quickly progress ahead.


New World 240320009

Upon entering the Forge, you’ll encounter more trash mobs, and the first NAMED called Executioner Freyr. He’ll be wielding a Warhammer along with its abilities like Shockwave. Make sure to look out for big swings and stuns. You’ll easily be able to take him out.

New World 2403200010

Once cleared, head up the stairs, and go right to clear all the trash mobs there. Once you reach the Shrine, use your Azoth Staff to activate the seal, and then quickly head back down and go northwest to encounter Ser Eld.

Defeat him and make your way back to the Forge. Here, you’ll need to ask one of your group members to stand on the platform to reveal 3 symbols. Next, have another team member turn the wheel to match the symbols. This will open the gate upstairs.


New World 2403200011

Make sure you don’t fall into the lava. Here, you’ll encounter The Heel. Once you have defeated him, you can progress into the foundry. The enemy is fairly easy to kill and doesn’t require any real information on the mechanics, or a well-planned strategy.


New World 2403200012

Watch out for the lava and dropping pistons in this room. Cross the lava to find 2 circle platforms. Once you’re past the pistons, climb up the wall, run along, and then jump down to find an opening. Here you’ll encounter the same mob called The Heel, but this time with two trash mobs by his side.


New World 2403200013

Here you’ll be fighting the first boss of the expedition, who wields a fire elemental scythe. Ifrit is incredibly powerful and the mechanics are heavy so you’ll need to do a lot of dodging. Prone can help your chances of survival. While attacking with the scythe, Ifrit can perform sweeping AOEs to deal damage, so make sure to avoid them.

The skills Ifrit possesses are Fireballs (Phase 1), Lava Balls, Fire X, Flamethrower (Phase 1), Fireball (Phase 2), Flamethrower (Phase 2), and Fire Cleave.


New World 2403200014

Once you have defeated the boss, head upstairs to activate the seal. Now, work your way through to find an enemy called Ser Bishop. He’s the same as the other vanguard mobs you had encountered but just watch out for his heavy attacks as he wields a great sword.


New World 2403200015

Once he’s head, use your Azoth Staff to open the door. Defeat the trash mobs ahead and progress further to find a bridge. When you cross it, you’ll end up falling into a gap where you’ll encounter Lady Bridget and Ser Newlon. No real mechanics to be followed here so defeat them however you like.

Next, move up the ramp to encounter Ser Skarin at the very top. Quickly kill him and progress ahead to reach the Control Room.

Control Room

New World 2403200016

The control room is similar to the Forge room where you have to complete a puzzle. You’ll also encounter Ser Ducas near the bottom of the platform. Make sure you kill all the enemies before standing on the platform. When you do so, a couple of mobs will spawn, so make sure you don’t move from the platform or the symbols will reset. Send one of your mates to the top and spin the wheel to match the symbols.

Forge South

New World 2403200017

Progress through the door to encounter the second and final boss of the Empyrean Forge expedition Commander Marius. He is a boss that wields a huge 2-handed Great Axe, with abilities that send-off fireballs, axe slams that cause AOE damage, etc. He’ll be using abilities like Volcanoes, Lava Floor, Lava Balls, and Ground Slam throughout the fight!

Just remember, once the boss makes it to the middle of the room, make sure everyone is on the platform to avoid the Lava Floor. Upon defeating Commander Marius, you’ll have successfully completed the expedition.

MMOexp New World Team