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New World Hatchet and Sword Build Guide: The Frontline Tank in PvE

Dec-13-2023 PST New World

Are you looking to dominate the PvE content in New World as a tank? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the powerful combination of the Hatchet and Sword and Shield, creating the ultimate "Frontline Tank" build. By following this guide, you'll become an unstoppable force on the battlefield, soaking up damage and protecting your team. Let's dive in!

New World Hatchet and Sword Build Guide: The Frontline Tank in PvE

The "Frontline Tank" Build Playstyle:

As the name suggests, the "Frontline Tank" build focuses on tanking in PvE content. Your primary role is to absorb damage and draw aggro from enemies, allowing your teammates to deal damage safely. The combination of the Hatchet and Sword and Shield provides a versatile toolkit that excels in close-quarters combat.


The Hatchet serves as your primary weapon, delivering devastating blows to enemies. Its high damage output and mobility make it an excellent choice for a tank build. Utilize light and heavy attacks to deal damage, and take advantage of the Bloodlust ability to regenerate health and increase damage output.

Sword and Shield:

The Sword and Shield act as your secondary weapon, providing additional defensive capabilities. The Shield Bash ability allows you to stun enemies, interrupting their attacks and providing valuable crowd control. The Sword's abilities, such as Whirling Blade and Defiant Stance, further enhance your survivability in intense battles.

Stats and Gearing:

When it comes to stats, focus on maximizing your survivability and threat generation. Allocate your attribute points to Constitution for increased health pool and resilience. Additionally, invest in Strength to improve your damage output with the Hatchet.

In terms of gear, prioritize items that provide bonuses to health, blocking, and damage mitigation. Look for gear with attributes like Constitution, Strength, and Block Stability. Equipping a shield with high block rating and damage absorption will further enhance your tanking capabilities.

Perk Options:

Consider selecting the following perks to enhance your tanking abilities:

Unstoppable: This perk increases your resistances while using a shield, making you even more resilient against enemy attacks.

Rejuvenating: This perk improves your health regeneration, allowing you to sustain yourself in prolonged battles.

Grit: Grit provides you with additional crowd control resistance, preventing enemies from interrupting your actions.

Skill Rotations and Combos:

To maximize your effectiveness in combat, utilize skill rotations and combos with your Hatchet and Sword and Shield:

1. Engage with your Sword and Shield, using Shield Bash to stun enemies and establish aggro.

2. Switch to the Hatchet and unleash a combination of light and heavy attacks to deal damage.

3. Activate Bloodlust when your health is low to regenerate health and increase damage output.

4. Utilize the Sword's Whirling Blade ability to hit multiple enemies and generate threat.

5. When facing tough opponents, activate Defiant Stance to increase your block effectiveness and mitigate damage.

Remember to communicate with your team and coordinate your actions. As the frontline tank, your role is crucial in protecting your teammates and controlling the battlefield.

The "Frontline Tank" build featuring the Hatchet and Sword and Shield is a formidable choice for PvE content in New World. The New World Gold provided by MMOexp.com will provide the greatest help for the "Frontline Tank" build. By focusing on tanking, maximizing your survivability, and utilizing the synergies between these weapons, you'll become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Embrace your role as the protector and lead your team to victory!

Note: This guide is intended for PvE content. Playstyles and strategies may differ in PvP environments.