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New World Savage Divide Expedition

May-16-2024 PST New World


The Savage Divide expedition is unlocked only if you own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. It is intended for players with level 65 or above. Within lies Primordial Beasts, NAMED Mobs, and Ancient Loots that will be completely worth your time.



Footfall from Mahantaram, Not a Monkey from Truk, A Mad House from Madhu, Touch of the Icicle from Mbita, Incendior from Hodari, Evolutionary Response from Otesha, Toothpick from Lockjaw, Charon from Styx, Pot Shot from Expedition Wide, Orchard from Expedition Wide, Nathan’s Hammer from Expedition Wide, Primal Straightsword of the Ranger from Silverback Smasher, Primal Hatchet of the from Silverback Smasher, Primal Warhammer of the Ranger from Silverback Smasher, and Primal Greataxe of the Soldier from Silverback Smasher.


Primal Bow of the Ranger from Silverback Smasher, Primal Musket of the Ranger from Silverback Smasher, Primal Fire Staff of the Soldier from Silverback Smasher, Primal Life Staff of the Sage from Silverback Smasher, Primal Rapier of the Scholar from Silverback Smasher, Primal Spear of the Soldier from Silverback Smasher, Primal Ice Gauntlet of the Scholar from Silverback Smasher, Primal Void Gauntlet of the Sage from Silverback Smasher, Primal Blunderbuss of the Soldier from Silverback Smasher, Primal Greatsword of the Ranger from Silverback Smasher, and Primal Flail of the Soldier from Silverback Smasher.


Dragon’s Scale from Zyggot, Primal Round Shield from Silverback Smasher, Primal Kite Shield from Silverback Smasher, Primal Tower Shield from Silverback Smasher, Gorilla’s Strength from Expedition Wide, Mammoth’s Revenge from Expedition Wide, Wolf at the Door from Expedition Wide, Primal Amulet from Silverback Smasher, Primal Earring from Silverback Smasher, Primal Ring from Silverback Smasher, and Powerful Cavalier Crest from Expedition Wide.



The Savage Divide is a level 65 expedition located in the southern section of the Elysian Wilds. Being an end-game expedition, the mechanics undergo a weekly mutation rotation. You can either enter the expedition via the Group Finder feature or directly through the entrance. You’ll be encountering various beast-type monsters within the expedition so make sure to make Beast Ward Potions and Beast Coatings on you.



Once you enter the expedition, you’ll find a pedestal on your right. One of the group members has to head there and grab the orb. After that, you need to go down the ledge and place it into the empty slot near the door, triggering the opening of the entrance.

You’ll come across a lot of Silverback Smashers as they’ll be guarding the passageway. You need to first take them out to progress ahead.

Vast Chasm


This is a very large and open room where you have to clear the Lion-type monsters on your right and head through the door. You’ll need to use your Azoth Staff to open the doors that lead into the Sunken Shrine.

Sunken Shrine


Here, you’ll encounter a few Chameleons as well as a NAMED monster called Styx. There aren’t any real mechanics to use against it so quickly defeat it. Once done, another NAMED mob called Hodari will appear. He’ll be accompanied by another mob called Thunder Charger. They are gorilla-type monsters you can easily kill.

After this, you need to take the path right to find another mob called Death Razor. It’s a large flower you need to take down. Once done, progress ahead to reach a door guarded by an Armored Drake. Kill it and enter the door to reach back to the Vast Chasm.

Vast Chasm


One of your party members needs to pick up the Sphere as you’re running up the stairs. This needs to be placed on the pillar to your right (near the door). You also need to kill a Gorilla, Razor Lotus, and a few other mobs who are guarding the door. Once done, head down the ramp to enter Rockfall.



Now, you’ll encounter a mob called Drake. Kill it and progress through the gate. Make sure to grab the orb. This door will take you back to the Vast Chasm. You need to take the orb to the ancient gate to progress further. Defeat the enemies that you encounter and enter the gate to encounter Madhu, who is named Mammoth.

The Secret Chest


Kite down the monster to the center of the Chasm and get him to run into a rock to crush it to reveal a chest (optional). Once defeated, progress further into the Ancient Crossing.



Here, you’ll find several Trash Mobs, as well as the first expedition boss called Kurok. Upon entering its den, you’ll find several elemental constructions. These are crucial to defeating the boss. Kurok will head over to one of these elementals and empower himself with the energy. After a short duration, one of your party members can go activate the same element. The four elements are Nature (Green), Ice (White), Fire (Red), and Lightning (Yellow).

Whomsoever activates the elements will have the responsibility to dispel that very element during the fight. When Kurok activates an element towards you, you’ll be able to identify it via the large circle that appears on the ground. If you don’t do that, then any player within will get damaged. So, make sure your team is in sync.

Once all the elements are activated, the boss will be empowered with Void Energy, meaning he’ll throw out energy balls at you. They explode on hit and deal a lot of damage so watch out for them. Once defeated, you can progress further into the Ancient Crossing.

Ancient Crossing


Leap up the ledge that is to your left and clear the trash mobs on your path. Now, jump off the ledge to get into the Fractured Hollow. You’ll encounter a few other mobs, including Gorillas and Mammoths here. Kill them and move to the southwestern door to reach the Lost Temple. Clear the mobs there too and progress up the stairs, past the locked button.

Up the stairs, you’ll need to defeat another NAMED mob called Lockjaw. Do that and activate the orb that is beside the bridge. Now, kill the Gorilla named Truk and head northeast into the Silent Grotto. Kill the trash mobs you find on the way and pick the orb at the end of the passage. Take the orb back to the Fractured Hallow gates to find yourself in the room of the second and final expedition boss called Mahantaram.



Mahantaram is a giant Mammoth with a spinning crystal hovering above his head. Pay attention to the colors of the crystal because that indicates the attack he is going to use. Blue is Arcane Laser, Red is Fireballs, Yellow is Lightning Bolt, and Purple is Void Balls. Once defeated, you’ll have completed the expedition. Hope you get more New World Coins and items, have a nice trip.

MMOexp New World Team